What is SI Belt And What Are Its Main Benefits

joint pain

People with chronic joint problems suffer a lot. But, people with chronic sacroiliac joint pain suffer even more.

This pain causes them to feel complete discomfort when they are performing even the simplest physical activities such as running.

Yet, if the problem is found at the early stages it can be aided and resolved with an SI joint belt.

But, before you are ready to believe this, let’s take a look at where this pain is coming from.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

joint pain

The sacroiliac joint is a joint that connects the pelvic bone with the spine. It’s important for the normal performance of the human body since it allows all major movements and activities. These include walking, running, lateral movements, and so on.

Yet, if the body isn’t approached with special care, it may lead to sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It’s a joint disfunction that makes the sacroiliac joint inflamed, sore, and painful. Usually, there are two main conditions from which people develop sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

These are overly moving your body or complete lack of movement. In the first case, the body is putting too much stress on the joints, resulting in inflammation, soreness, and pain.

In the second case, the joint gets rigid from too much sitting and moving takes too much pressure on the joints, causing inflammation and pain.

However, if the dysfunction is discovered at an early stage, it could be fixed with a SI joint belt.

What is SI joint belt

SI joint belt is a special medical belt that helps you to align the dysfunctional joints, which sacroiliac joint consists of. It has a special design that makes it easy to use, easy to apply, and unnoticeable if you are wearing a regular outfit.

Its main benefits are that it reduces pain and inflammation, promotes normal posture, and is a far less invasive form of treatment. Compared to the surgery, which used to be a mainstream solution for the sacroiliac joint dysfunction, it’s less stressful, cheaper, and provides more comfort.

The main goal of the SI joint belt is to compress the area around the joint, helping it to align over time. The belt is more than successful in doing so. Yet, there’s a slight disadvantage. It doesn’t concern the belt itself, as it concerns the stage of the joint dysfunction.

Unfortunately, if the joint isn’t medically attended, surgery is the primary option for treatment. Even then, you are going to use the belt as a form of recovery. So, let’s take a look at the main benefits of the SI joint belt.

Reduces Pain

Most users love the benefits that they can actually feel. And, erasing pain that prevented you to walk is a rather favorable sensation to feel. The SI joint belt helps you to align the discs that form the joint. Thus, when you are walking, you’ll feel less pain.

An even greater benefit is that the pain will naturally lessen as you are wearing the belt. Yet, even with the belt, you should follow a prescribed set of exercises, and don’t put too much on your body.

Especially since the pain comes after the joint is inflamed. Therefore, you may feel amazing one day, only to wake up tomorrow and be unable to walk without feeling a sharp pain in your legs and back.

Reduces inflammation at the sacroiliac joint

The true, and probably the best benefit of the belt, is the inflammation reduction. Also, it’s the main function of the belt. The whole point of this type of joint dysfunction is that it comes from inflammation.

So, when you are wearing the belt, and the discs of the joint align, the inflammation subsides. After the inflammation subsided, the joint may return to normal, treating the dysfunction completely.

The only problem with it is that you should wear a belt for a lot of time, sometimes almost for the whole day. But, that also comes with a perk on its own.

Promotes ‘normal’ posture

When you are wearing the SI joint belt you are standing, walking, and moving as you should. A lot of people have a problem with their posture. And who can really blame them, when you look at the workplace of today.

Today, most jobs require that you sit in front of the computer for long periods of time. And, even when they are walking, people are slouched, with their shoulders overshadowing their bodies.

Therefore, having a correct posture, with an erect spine is going to wonders for your sacroiliac joint. Remember, this is the joint that connects the pelvic bone with the spine. And on top of that, there’s a hidden benefit to all of this as well.

It doesn’t affect back muscles

joint pain

There’s this misconception that if you wear the belt it’s going to affect your back muscles. Well, while it won’t straighten, it won’t affect them either. Instead, it allows you to continue normally with your exercises, therapy, or life, improving your overall performance.

The whole point of the belt is to improve your back. The sacroiliac joint is like a base or a foundation of the spine, and the spine is what holds the back. Therefore, you can exercise with a limit, and don’t worry if your back muscles are going to deteriorate.

Yet, there are some other health-related benefits.

Body-friendly materials

The SI joint belt is made of body-friendly material. This means that these materials won’t affect your body.

Also, they should help you to avoid any irritation of the skin, excessive sweating, and possible infections. Remember, you are going to carry the belt on your body for a lot of time.

So, it’s super important to pick a belt that has those properties. If wouldn’t mean too much if you are switching one medical condition for another. Finally, there is a benefit you are going to fill the most.


The best thing about SI joint belt is that it’s affordable. When you go online and look for the belt, you’ll see that you can afford one for a mere 40$. Also, most of them are certified and safe for use, as long as you check it with your doctor first.

So, it’s not a lot of money to invest to help your health today. And, once gone, health isn’t something you can buyback. Be smart about it.

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