What Is Lace Closure and Why Do You Need it?

A lace wig is a wig that is (partly) made by hand. The hairs are knotted one by one on a piece of very fine gauze. This lace closure sew in was chosen because lace can give the illusion as if the hair actually grows from the scalp.

What is the difference between a closure wedge and a frontal wedge?

The difference between these types of wedges is in the cap construction. With a closure wedge, you have a hairline from left eyebrow height to right eyebrow height. You can make a separation anywhere in the area of ​​the closure. The advantage of closure wigs is that you do not need any glue to attach the wedge. The wedge is already firmly attached by means of an elastic band. So there is no need to stick. This is therefore my favorite choice for a wedge.

With a frontal wig (also called: front lace wig, lace front wig, lace frontal wig) you have a hairline from ear to ear. You can also make natural partings to about half your head. The advantage of frontal wigs is that you can achieve a more natural effect. You can create more hairstyles, such as a half high tail up. With frontal wigs, it is unfortunately the case that it stays better if you stick the wedge. This can be done with glued gel and spray, but also with a sturdy lace wig glue.

Are you a new lace wig wearer? Then it is better to gain experience with the bundles and closure wedge and gradually switch to a frontal wedge.

How long does a lace wig last?

A lace wig can be worn for up to a year, sometimes even longer! However, the life of a lace wig depends entirely on you. There are many factors that influence the lifespan. It is very important to take good care of your lace wig. The better you maintain your wedge, the longer your wedge will last. A lace wig is fragile, but with the right care method you can enjoy it optimally. Do you take a frontal wedge? Then it will last less than a closure wedge. On a frontal wig, hair loss can occur faster than with a closure wig. Straight wigs last longer than curly wigs. The reason for this is that curly hair tends to tangle faster than straight hair. Curly hair therefore requires a complex grooming routine. Do you have no experience with curly hair? Start with a straight wig fits.

Hair color

Standard lace wigs come in a natural unprocessed hair color. This means that the hair has never been dyed. But if you prefer a certain color there are lots of options when it comes to hair color. Blonde bundles with closure are very popular. If you prefer multiple colors to create a voluminous trendy look ombre bundles with closure will satisfy your needs!

How many bundles do I need?

This depends on your personal preference. In general, it’s recommended to get three bundles for a full look. For extra volume, it is recommended to get four bundles.

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