What is Kim Kardashian wearing these days? 

Kim Kardashian

When it comes to following the latest trends and designs in fashion, this can sometimes take work to keep up with, as fashion-forward designers are constantly updating and changing directions with each passing time. However, this whole process of what the global fashion world has to offer can be made easier by observing what the biggest stars and celebrities are wearing, such as the trends of the American socialite Kim Kardashian. However, when it comes to the trends set by celebrities such as Kim, there are various online stores, such as club I london, that can assist in only providing the best styles and designs usually seen worn by celebrities. Furthermore, it is a great idea to look at the different kinds of dresses worn by the socialite and compare dresses on offers such as the Club I London to see where you can compare styles and prices.  

What the spotlight has discovered

Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion can sometimes be a challenge, especially when following the styles set as examples by celebrities such as the ones from Kim Kardashian. However, as you might be passionate about the latest celebrity news and scandals, following her trends can be exciting to keep up with as it changes every occasion. Therefore, when looking at the latest styles, Kim wore an oversized blue plaid shirt with lace-up leather pants, making a subtle yet impressive impression on the celebrity catwalks. Next, there were sightings of her wearing the following garments: she wore a red and cream-coloured snake print dress, and on another occasion, she flaunted her famous curves by wearing a jockstrap with denim jeans, bleached eyebrows and bleached blonde hair. However, an interesting fact has surfaced that Kim only allows her staff to wear neutral colours to ensure she always stands out in the crowd. 

Kim’s favourite designer

It is no secret that Kim Kardashian ensures that she only wears designer brands. So naturally, her favourite Balenciaga has always been Kering-owned. In 2022, she started the fall ad campaign and was frequently spotted wearing the company’s designs. She even walked the runway for the company and accompanied Demna to the Met Gala in 2021. And then there is Kim’s biggest fashion statement by wearing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress to a gala where the theme was  Gilded Glamour. She proudly stated that she wanted to share the dress with others to show the iconic item off in a new limelight. She also reiterated the importance of the fact that she highly values and respects Marilyn’s life and legacy

In summarising her fashion career

Regarding fashionistas and socialites, it can sometimes be extremely challenging to keep up with their changes in styles and fashion statements. And when it comes to Kim, this is no exception. Not only does the queen of socialites make statement-making moments by flaunting different fashions but also in how she wears her hair and her favourite beauty regime of bleaching her eyebrows when she desires that blonde look. But, in retrospect, considering that celebrities play a significant role in society, finding your style and fashion needs should always take precedence; hence, take pride in your individuality. However, if you are still keen on following the trends set by celebrities such as Kim, you can follow her online or on social media, as it is always interesting to see what type of style she comes up with next. 

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