What is a Personal Style Uniform and How To Build One?

If you haven’t heard about personal style uniform, just look at two successful personalities—Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, whom we all know can afford wearing a different shirt every day but chose to wear the same one.

A personal uniform, rather than taken as restrictive in style or personal expression, is a wardrobe choice that encapsulates function, personal style, and aesthetic.

People swear by having a personal uniform as it lessens decision making when it comes to what to wear every day. It also allows them to splurge on versatile pieces that will last for several years rather than buying cheap ones loses value after a couple of wear.

For example, rather than buying several cheaper wrists watches to match your outfit, finding a good luxury watch that will match the majority of your wardrobe—like this Omega Speedmaster, will instantly upgrade your look.

Now that you know what a personal style uniform is, let’s get on to how you can build one.


Similar to a capsule wardrobe, you should be able to identify if the clothes that you choose suits your lifestyle. It’s important as a first step that you assess where you spend most of your time in a day.

If you are someone working remotely, it just makes complete sense that you invest more in comfortable clothes.

If you are someone who attends formal events, conventions, etc., choose versatile outfits that suit the occasion.

What use is a formal coat for someone working in an IT company where everybody wears a T-shirt? Why should you buy expensive Nike Shoes when you are wearing a suit to attend meetings all the time?


On the safe side, you should go for neutral colors: Black, White, or Grey.

Or darker shades like Navy Blue. As they say, whatever tickles your fancy.

But if you don’t like wearing darker shades, you can still go for lighter shades like nudes and browns and other earthy colors.

Choosing a palette and sticking to neutral colors is ideal because if you are wearing something every day, it better not be flashy.

People remember outfits if they are too colorful. When you’re too dressed up, it’s easy to remember what you wore. While a neutral uniform doesn’t get too much attention.


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A good pair of denim or black jeans look good with any shirt or blouse.

For example, a half-leather half velvet black skirt can pair up with almost anything.

When you run out of outfits to wear in the office, you can pair it with a blouse and top it off with a coat. You can wear the same skirt when you go to a concert (because they’re leather). You can also wear it with a t-shirt when you on casual dates and just too lazy to dress up.

Some more examples of versatile pieces are a dark-colored cardigan, a navy blue coat, brogues and loafers, a white button-down, an LBD.

If there’s a piece that you can wear with 5 different outfits and it still looks good, then you know it’s a versatile one.


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Statement pieces are like the huge flat-screen TV in your living room. It’s the first item that visitors see when they enter.

A statement piece is an opportunity to make you and your outfit statement piece make up for the “lazy” personal uniform.

A bright-colored coat is a statement piece.

A bohemian clutch is a statement piece.

A studded boot is also a statement piece.

As statement pieces tend to be expensive, make sure you are making smart choices when buying one.


Who said personal style uniforms need to be boring?

When a neutral palette limits you with just a few colors to work with, you have the freedom to be playful with fabrics, cuts, and small details in your clothes.

For example, if you limited to black and grey, you can find black laced blouses that you can wear with an inner camisole. This way, you’re still sticking to your palette but you’re switching up the style.

Having a personal uniform doesn’t mean wearing the same black t-shirt every day.

You don’t need the same black long sleeves and denim the way Steve Jobs wear it, or the same grey shirt that Zuckerberg wears every day.

Also if you already have on and find it already boring, you can always switch it up and update it from time to time.

A good personal uniform is something that you can wear in different occasions and still, don’t look either too dressed up or dressed down.

Try building one and see how it improves your style and your life.

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