What I Learned in My Singapore Business Trip

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It is such a beautiful and exciting place! Singapore became my love from the first sight. While I had been on a meeting with my Asian partners in Singapore I learned a lot of things about this busy international city that cherishes its free spirit of commerce.

Doing Business in Singapore

Singapore is a trade-oriented state with a very developed market economy. Moreover, Singaporean economy is considered to be one of the most open in the world with really moderate taxes and low level of corruption. Thus the country attracts foreign investors and entrepreneurs. The most successful areas of Singaporean economy are exporting of electronics and chemicals, as well as providing different services. The other important field – biotechnology – is something completely unreal to me. I visited Biopolis with my partners and it was an amazing experience. Biopolis is an international research and development center for biomedical science. It is a huge complex of buildings, designed by the remarkable architect for comfortable and pleasant science work of researchers. Also, I visited Singapore’s port, ranked the second on the list of the busiest cargo ports in the world.

Another thing that fascinated me in Singapore was a very big international community of expats, who run their own business in the country. It is quite satisfactory for a western person to live in Singapore, as it is a very comfortable Asian country, which features a bit of East and West in itself. For instance, most of the people speak or at least understand English. The official languages, by the way, are four: English, Chinese, Malay (Bahasa) and Tamil, although you can discover a curious mix of languages called Singlish.

The procedure of starting own business in Singapore is also quite simple. You just have to incorporate your company in Singapore (you can even do a part of this procedure online), and then to find an official representative called a Corporate Secretary, who will assist you in all kinds of issues. You can even get a special type of visa – Singapore Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass. This document will simplify your border crossing procedure and let you legally live and work in Singapore.

Events and Seminars Opportunities

There are also a lot of opportunities for the self-development in Singapore, from simple language courses and drawing lessons to a personal business coach and start-up seminars. I particularly went to Tony Robbins events in Singapore which is called Unleash The Power Within. I got many powerful takeaways from this program.

However, I have discovered that life in Singapore is not so cheap for foreigners. Especially high is a house rental cost. If you have kids, it might be quite expensive to take them to private international school here, too. Less trouble is with transportation, as you don’t need to buy a car or rent one – the public transport system is really wide and convenient to use.

To tell more than that, it is a beautiful city with amazing sights and great entertainment facilities, so I hope to come back to Singapore again soon. Don’t forget to check this interview with a Singaporean YouTuber.

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