What does romance mean to you and the signs you are a hopeless romantic


Oh, sweet, sweet love! Rainy days, cuddles, candles, roses, long walks. You name it, romance is all around. Some of us are more romantics at heart, some less, but some have Ph.D. diplomas in how to fall in love with love. To some of us love is a huge deal. We might have that perfect jobs, look amazing and have even more amazing friends, but if there is no cutie to cuddle with at the end of the day, we might feel like we lack something important. Here are 4 clues to help you figure out if you are a hopeless romantic.

  1. You get overly emotional when you see happy couples

It’s not like your jealous or something. This is more of a complex feeling only a true romantic at heart from Shropshire singles can understand. The thing is, you see perfect love stories everywhere and get supper happy or even sad when you see other people in love. Because you love love, and you need love and love must be all around you, right?

  1. You love romance in movies and you see it everywhere

Its not romantic movies only that give you butterflies in your stomach. You see romance in horror movies, action or even cartoons. You ship characters. You cheer for them to end up together to the point you miss the whole concept of a movie. You get so soaked up from that romance you feel like you fell in love in real life, with dreamy eyes, excitement and all. Find a romantic date on Oxfordshire singles.

  1. You daydream about prince charming a little too much

Whether you are one of the Nottinghamshire singles or you are lucky enough to have a prince charming already by your side, you are infatuated by the very thought of having that perfect man by your side. Everything he does Is perfect, he has mannerisms, he hugs you, kisses you, gives you attention and you take pleasure from it,  A LOT. You daydream about romantic dates from Staffordshire singles, candles and make move scripts in your head of where will you meet, how he would look like how in love with you he will be.  You daydream so much you basically became a romantic scenario expert.

  1. You believe in soul mates

You believe in happy ever after and for you, there is always that special someone waiting. To you, everyone has a soul mate from Strathclyde singles , just right for them and you would never even question this belief. You feel it and you know there is enough of romance out there for everyone.

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