What do you need to emigrate to Spain?

Are you dreaming of moving to Spain? Here are some great tips that can make this dream a reality!

If you stay in Spain for more than three months, you must register with the Spanish Aliens Police (Oficina de Extranjeros or the Comisaria de Policia) in the province where you live. Here you can request a declaration of registration, or a Certificado de Registro.

For the application you need a valid proof of identity and a completed registration form from the aliens police. You will also be asked whether you have enough financial resources to pay for your stay. Usually you only need to answer this question with ‘yes’ without showing any evidence. More information can be found on the website of the Spanish government.

When you have completed these steps you will receive a NIE number. NIE stands for ‘Numero de Identidad de Extranjero’. This is a kind of Citizen Service Number (BSN).

Without this number you cannot do important things such as buy a house, take out a telephone contract or take out insurance.

What do you need to arrange? If you move to Spain, there are a number of things that you need to arrange. To help you, we have prepared a handy checklist for you:

Moving to Spain: checklist

Start learning the language as early as possible. There are handy (free) apps for this.

Orient yourself on moving your household effects. Request at least three quotes from various international moving companies so that you can be sure that you will find the best moving company for your move. Renew your passport and driving license. If they expire in Spain, it takes more effort to reapply.

Request an extract from the population register from your municipality; Have your diplomas recognized and translated internationally. Deregister with the municipality where you live. This is possible up to 5 days before you leave;

Notify the tax authorities of your move. This link will take you directly to the page where you can do that;

Ask your pension fund about the consequences of emigration for your pension. Cancel your health insurance and take out health insurance for citizens abroad.

Think about whether you want to take your car to Spain. Register with the Spanish aliens police.

How do you handle the move?

If you move to Spain, it is wise to engage a moving company for the transport of your household effects. A moving company has large moving vans, which means that they can often take all their belongings with them at once.

Do you choose to move yourself? Then all you need is a moving van and some manpower. Most rental companies allow their removal van to be used for an international move.

Moving yourself is only recommended if you have a full driving license. For example, you can rent a large moving van and move your entire household effects to Spain in one go.

If you want to move yourself and do not have a full driving license, you should take into account that you have to go up and down a number of times to move your entire household effects. This entails additional costs. This is because you pay extra toll, diesel and a kilometer allowance.

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