What Diamond Cut Suits You?

diamond cuts

A diamond cut is practically as crucial as the quality of the diamond itself. This choice is a vital consideration for jewelry designers and people who are looking for luxury diamonds Vancouver engagement rings.

For one thing, people receiving engagement rings may have a specific cut in mind. The most popular cut, according to Town and Country, is the round diamond. However, many people have opted to upgrade the style of this cut by adding accents or additional diamonds to the rings they buy.

The only time a round diamond is rarely used is for a pendant for a necklace. Round diamonds are used for strings, bracelets, earrings, and other types of jewelry styles instead.

Learn More About the Diamond Cuts That Suits You

Before you decide on the diamond cut because it looks good, let’s take a look at the other factors for choosing your diamond cut.

Round Cut Diamond

The great thing about the round cut is that it is suitable for every occasion. It’s not difficult to pair this with other jewelry. When choosing a more exotic cut, other people find it challenging to keep their diamond ring on because it doesn’t match their earrings or necklace.

Princess-Cut Diamond

The princess cut is square but just as brilliant as the round diamond. It is just as versatile as the round cut, but leaves you more room for creativity when choosing a fully designed ring.

Oval-Cut Diamond

Now, the oval cut is a favorite among celebrities because of its beautiful aesthetic and show-stopping shape. Many renowned jewelers can provide you a large oval diamond because it is a popular choice. It’s just a little on the pricey side.

Marquise-Cut Diamond

If you really want an exotic cut, then the Marquise cut is the right shape for you. It may be difficult to pair this with other pieces, but it’s worth it considering the beautiful shape.

Heart-Shaped Diamond

Not many people buy this cut for engagement rings, but they do love using it for their daily diamond ring pieces. Still, it’s a romantic shape that is underrated in the engagement ring industry.

Pear-Shaped Diamond

The pair shape has a little bit of mysticism in its shape. The pointed part should be worn away from the body as it is considered bad luck to wear it facing the body. That is why it is always worn in a specific way. The beautiful shape is also quite sentimental as it resembles a tear. For engagement rings, it’s a symbol of tears of joy.

Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher cut is similar to the Princess cut because of its shape. However, there is a big difference in facets. This cut is more expensive as well because it takes more work to turn it into this particular form.

Cushion-Cut Diamond

This diamond cut is quite rare in stores. Many jewelry buyers need to ask for this specific cut from the jewelers. The cushion-cut became a craze because high profile celebrities were given these as their engagement rings. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find it in local stores.

Radiant Diamond

Finally, the queen of all diamond cuts. Why is the radiant diamond cut sought after? Well, the sizeable facing facet is quite the centerpiece for this diamond cut. Not only does the diamond have to be high in clarity, but it also needs to have great color and brilliance to stand out. This is a favorite cut for people who have large diamonds on their rings.

Now, which diamond cut do you prefer? Check out luxury diamonds Vancouver engagement rings for your next gemstone.

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