What Can Affect Your Car Insurance

car insurance

Car insurance is a major cost for motorists to cover each month and it is important to know what factors can impact the amount that you pay. There are various factors that can impact your car insurance, which means that there are also ways that you can reduce (or increase) the amount that you pay. Keep reading to find out a few of the main factors.

The Car You Drive

One of the main factors is the car that you drive, including the age, make and model. The more expensive your car is, the more it will cost your insurance company if you need to make a claim, which is why those looking to make savings should look to buy vehicles that are affordable to both buy and run.

Safety Features

Following this point, you will also find that the safety features that your car has can impact price. Buying from a brand known for safety, like Toyota, can therefore be smart and you can find a Toyota dealer in Northern Ireland with a range of cars with excellent safety features.


Your annual mileage can also have a big impact on how much you have to pay to insure the car. Risk is a major factor when determining car insurance premiums and vehicles that spend more time on the road are more likely to be involved in an accident, so you should always consider your mileage and try reducing this if possible.

Age & Driving History

New and young drivers are inexperienced and this means that they are deemed to be higher risk by insurers. Additionally, those over 75 are often viewed as higher risk, so insurance can increase when you reach this age. In addition to your age, your driving history will have a big impact on how much you pay as a direct reflection of your risk category.

Post-Code & Where You Park

It is often an overlooked factor, but your post-code can also have a big impact on your insurance costs. Those that live in built-up areas and/or areas with high crime rates could end up paying more, plus where the car is parked is also factored in. You could end up paying less if you can park the car off-road and somewhere secure (as well as by adding security features).

These are just a few of the main factors that can impact your car insurance. There are many different factors, which also means that there are often ways that you can make savings too.

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