What are the pros and cons of web designing and what impact does it have on customer experience?

Web designing

Web designing is a different avenue anyone can partake. Web designing is gaining so much importance with the rise of the internet. Designing for a website has gain momentum, and many people are interested in this job. It is essential to know that the avenue for a job opening and the criteria to become a web designer are many. Web designs are so important, especially with the rise of social media. You can find more information to design a website here.

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The social platform wants to cater to the best interest of the customers. With social media gaining so much importance on the internet, many are opting to design for social media sites, and there are so many web designers with their expertise. So choosing the right web designer is important too. Lets us take a look at the pro and cons of being a web designer.


You’re your boss

The best thing about working for the internet is the freedom you get. So the best thing about being a web designer is that you’re in control of things and you are your boss. You decide the time you want to work and the hours you want to work. You can set the time limit, and you can take a break whenever you feel stressed. You can go out and about and finish all your work and return home and concentrate on the job at hand. The freedom you get from working as a web designer is tremendous, and therefore you’ll enjoy being your boss.

You get a wholesome salary

The perks of working as a web designer are that you get a salary that is competitive enough to sustain you and your family in the US it is estimated that the annual income of a web designer is $6300 and this is a good salary for anyone working from home.

You’re not under one industry

If you’re a web designer, you can work in so many sectors from the government sector to the tech services you are not confined to a particular industry.

The feedback you get is instant

You get instant feedback for your work. The number of visitors that visits your site show the amount of likes or dislikes you get. There is also the comments section in which visitors could tell you whether they like or dislike the site, so you know whether your work is appreciated or not.


Sitting long hours

The biggest drawback of working as a web designer is that you have to sit and work for long hours and just sitting in one place can be strenuous. The back, neck, and eyes are the ones that receive the greatest amount of stress.

Working for long hours

There is a particular job requirement in every field, and there is no less in the web designing field. You could be working long hours of the day and night to finish a particular project.

You’ll have to multitask

Once you’re a web designer you’ll not be working for only one project you’ll be assigned to work on several projects and t thus multitasking should be at hand.

Content could fluctuate

Working as web designers, you must know one thing the content you’re working on constantly fluctuate from the best topics to the most boring content you have to handle it all.

Therefore we can see from above that are many pro and cons of web designing yet let’s discuss another topic the impact web designing has on customer experience. For more information on web designs, you can visit a professional web design New York

Impacts of web designing on customer experience


The far reaching effect is the appearance of the website to the audience. Web designers should have the audience in their mind, and they should design websites that cater to the needs of the online visitors. It is important to have a sleek and fresh appearance different from other web sites. The appearance of the website affects the customer experience as they decide whether they like it or not.


Another factor that impacts customer experience is how professional the site looks to the customer even before reading the content the customer will lookout for professionalism in the web page and decides accordingly if he wants to stay on the site or leave.


Clarity is important as this reflects the website. By clarity, we mean how fast the customer finds what he’s or she’s looking for. It is important to have clarity in the web site as to have great navigation for the customer to navigate through the website with ease.

Load time

Another important impact on the customer is the load time. The time it takes for a particular site or video to appear on the device. Load time differs with every websites and web pages, and therefore, it is necessary to keep the load time at a minimum so there could be more visitors to the sites. Customers want the website t to load at a blink of an eye and also use the minimal data, so it’s important to keep the load time at a minimal.


Conversions are important to web designs. There are a thousand ways web design can impact conversions


Therefore we can see that there are many pro and cons to becoming a web designer. Choosing web designing as a career choice is an option, but it certainly pays well, and you get to choose the time you want to work. If 9-5 is not your thing, then web designing can be your career path, and you should know that the perks of being a web designer are getting the right feedback from customers, so you know that you are doing the right thing.


To conclude, we can say that web designing is a cool career choice, and web designs do have a great impact on customer experience. From the appearances to the load time, it does impact customers. So striving towards a better website is the best thing a web designer could do. A web designer has all it takes to take the website to a different level, and with hard work and perseverance, this could happen.

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