What Are the Best Phishing Solutions Available in the Market?

The process of sending malicious and fraudulent emails claiming to be a known brand, person, or entity and asking for money or personal information or to download a file is known as a phishing attack. Scammers target enterprises, employees, ordinary citizens, and just about everyone who use emails.

In the last two years, the loss faced by business enterprises due to phishing attacks has doubled causing an alarm among the officials. Phishing has become an organized crime where attackers are coming together to target a brand or a firm in a systematic manner. They are using the features offered by email systems to their advantage and bypassing the email security system.

In such instances, it has become crucial to select the best phishing solutions to counter the increasing phishing attacks. The anti phishing software has to be advanced, powerful, and invisible so that attackers cannot detect it or slip through the cracks.

Let us see how the best email security solutions handle each of the phishing attacks that an enterprise faces on a daily basis.

  • Malware and Ransomware
    • Scammers send a virus through an email attachment 2/3rds of the time. Around 12% of the employees click on the attachment or download it.
    • This runs the malicious software in the entire system taking control of it. In Ransomware, the scammers take control of the system and demand money to unlock and allow employees access.
    • In the meantime, they would steal the information existing in the system.
    • The best phishing solutions use state-of-art technology to read emails and detect malicious content.
    • If the software is sent using a link, the anti phishing solutions will check where the link leads to and access the content in the link.
    • HTML emails are identified using code that performs cross-site scripting (XSS), JavaScript, and CSS attacks.
    • The emails are blocked and quarantined so that the malicious software gets nullified.
  • Zero Day Attack
    • This is a new phishing attack that has no solutions in many of the old and traditional email security systems.
    • That is because many of the security systems rely on existing databases to compare the URLs to check if the link is malicious or not.
    • Scammers are creating new links with increased frequency to go undetected by the email security systems.
    • It would take around 24-48 hours to develop a signature for a new link and identify that it is fake. By then, the victims would have been duped.
    • The best phishing solutions do not restrict itself to existing databases. It first blocks the email and then checks the abnormalities on many levels. The URLs are checked for all kinds of phishing attacks and tested using machine learning.
    • This enables to identify that the email is fraudulent. The anti phishing software uses pop up banners to alert the users/ employees about the nature of every email received.
    • The banner provides details about why the email is a scam in simple terms such as brand forgery, external link, malicious, fraudulent text, etc.
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
    • This is one of the thriving phishing attacks in the industry. An enterprise of any volume can be targeted.
    • Employees receive emails claiming to be from seniors or suppliers, etc. The emails could range from asking to send money or important information.
    • Anti phishing software uses a technique of behavioral pattern to record the email sending patterns of each employee.
    • Combining it with computer vision to read the links thoroughly, the software detects that the email has been sent from another source and alerts the users.

Employees can report suspicious emails with a single click. Another advantage is that the software can work on any device and provide protection to the users. Microsoft Office 365 allows employees to use their own devices for work. The anti phishing software can cover any number of devices in the system and work from any location, making it easier for the employees and management. Empty logos and fake texts are detected by checking the code written. Any malicious content is detected and block immediately.

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