Weird Ways You Can Make Money

You never know what’s around the corner these days, which is why it pays (literally) to have a little extra spending money now and then, just to tide you over when you need it.

Whether you need to fix the car, replace the boiler, or simply just treat yourself to that new outfit you’ve been wanting for so long, a little disposable income goes a long way.

But how does one go about generating more money? After all, if you work for somebody else, you can’t force your boss to give you a pay rise or more shifts, and you can’t generate money magically out of the air.

What you can do however, is think outside the box, get creative, and look into weird and unorthodox ways of making a little, or a lot, of extra money on the side. A side hustle, if you will.

Here are a few weird ways that you can make money.

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Trade in your empty ink cartridges

Having a printer at home in 2020 is an incredibly beneficial thing to have. With postage labels needing to be printed off, documents needing to be scanned, and other important info requiring the use of a printer, your printer will likely have paid for itself many moons ago.

Just to make things even more rewarding, did you know that you can also trade in your empty ink cartridges in exchange for cash? No, really, you can.

Certain recycling centres will take your empty ink cartridges off of you in exchange for real money. You could potentially earn as much as £4.10 per ink cartridge.

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Sell your hair

Is your hair starting to annoy you with just how long it’s becoming? If so, and you’re thinking of chopping it off, don’t just throw it in the bin, instead, consider selling it.

Wig makers are always on the look out for real human hair and many of them are willing to pay very generous amounts of money.

If you are thinking of chopping your luscious locks off, you should definitely consider selling your hair.

Online casinos

Okay, when you use online casinos, you are of course gambling, and there is no guarantee that you will be successful. That’s because you are literally, well, gambling.

With that said, there are plenty of online casinos and bingo sites where you can spend very little money and potentially win generous cash prizes and there are even casino and bingo comparison sites like Trusted Bingo that show you where you can find signup offers and bonuses, to get even more for your money.

Penny bingo and slots games have jackpots worth up to several hundred Euros, plus there are free games with real cash prizes too.

Take part in a clinical trial

Modern medicine right now is more advanced than ever, and if you want to do your part for science, for modern medicine, and for humanity, why not sign up for a clinical trial.

There is obviously a lot more to it than this, but very simply, clinical trials require people to serve as guinea pigs for new medicines and treatments in a bid to determine how they respond and whether or not the treatment works.

They pay very generously, but obviously there is a lot to consider first.

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