Weight Loss For Summer: 7 Key Tips

Winter is a great time for staying in and bundling up warm. Now that temperatures are rising, though, you may take a look in the mirror (or at the scale) and realize you’re not quite ready for more revealing summertime wear. Saxenda is an effective weight loss treatment. Get ready to look you best by getting an early start on your summer weight loss goals! These seven tips are easy and effective ways to start shedding unwanted pounds:

1) Cut Sugar — From Your Drinks

You would be amazed by how many unwanted calories get added to your daily intake if you drink a lot of sweetened drinks. Energy drinks, sodas, sweetened tea and coffee — they all overload your calorie count. For a lot of us, you can cut several pounds off simply by giving up on sugary drinks. Worried about feeling thirsty? You won’t be thanks to the next tip …

2) Drink Lots Of Water

Keeping your body thoroughly hydrated is a great way to make every part of it work better. Aim for eight glasses every day. A well-hydrated body is much more efficient at burning fat than one that’s dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water will speed up the process of flushing toxins out of your system, too. If you need a replacement for sugary sodas, why not tackle your craving with some flavored sparkling water? Here is a how to make sparkling water guide you can use. 

3) Up Your Level Of Physical Activity

The more you move your body, the more calories you’re burning. Keep yourself engaged by putting a range of different physical activities into your schedule. Look beyond working out at home or the gym. Playing sports, working in your garden, or even playing with your kids all count as calorie-burning activity.

4) Smarter Meal Scheduling

Maintaining a strong, consistent metabolism requires you to keep your body fueled at a steady pace. Start your day off with a healthy, filling breakfast, then make sure you’re eating at least a little something at three to four-hour intervals. Taking big breaks between meals will throw your metabolism into survival mode, slowing it down. That also slows down the fat-burning process and makes it harder to lose weight! Look into weight loss meal delivery programs to help keep you on track.

5) Eat More Vegetables

Your body will thank you if you can increase the number of fresh vegetables you eat every day. Veggies with lots of fiber and water (e.g. leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers) are especially effective. These foods are terrific for weight loss because they have minimal calories but make you feel very full.

6) Get Enough Protein

Putting at least a little protein into every meal is important. Proteins take a long time to digest (longer than carbohydrates), so they can stave off feelings of hunger. Healthy protein choices include poultry, fish, beef, and pork (lean cuts always preferred), eggs, nuts, and low-fat cheeses. Vegetarians and vegans have their own protein options, including tofu and beans.

7) Sate A Sweet Tooth With Natural Sugars

If you must have sweet treats — and lots of us do! — try to use natural, unrefined sugars to satisfy them. Fresh fruit is a textbook example. You can combine the sweetness of fruit with protein and fat to create a healthy snack. Try adding peanut butter or low-fat cream cheese to sweet fruits like apples or bananas.

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