Weed Smoking- How To Take Your Experience A Notch Higher

Smoking weed is more than only puffing, inhaling, and exhaling the smoke, which isn’t going to give you the euphoria you expect after a session, even with the highest quality cannabis. It is a craft that you can perfect for enhancing your experience every time you try it. You will surely want to master the technique to get the best possible effects from the herb. Thankfully, it isn’t rocket science, and learning a few simple tricks can help you take your weed smoking experience a notch higher. Here are the ones you can try.

Pick a strain that works for you

The choice of the cannabis strain is perhaps the most significant factor when it comes to elevating your experience with smoking. You need to pick a strain that works for your preferences and expectations, whether you are using it for recreational or medicinal purposes. Indica strains are ideal for pain, anxiety, and sleeping disorders because they have the tendency to dull the mind.

Sativa, on the other hand, makes you feel high and energized. You can opt for a hybrid strain, but everything boils down to hit and trial when it comes to picking a strain of choice. Knowing the CBD and THC content of the strain is equally vital because you would want to opt for a high THC-strain if looking for a psychoactive high.

Know your device well

Apart from the strain, the equipment you use also has an impact on the outcome. Whether you smoke with a basic joint or use a complex bong for smoking, knowing your device well enough can make all the difference to the overall experience. It makes you more confident so that you can make the most from the device.

A glass blunt is a good option if you want something compact and convenient. If you are new to this option, you may be concerned about how to pack a glass blunt properly. Thankfully, it is simple to pack your blunt with weed and get started. Emptying and cleaning the device is equally easy, so you can enjoy your hits without much work.

Grind your weed properly

When it comes to getting better smoking experiences, you need to think beyond the product and device as the technique is equally important. Even grinding your weed well is crucial. Grinding gives it more surface area, so it will end up burning more smoothly and evenly. Just a little more effort to bust the bud will provide a better high and smoother hit. So invest in a quality grinder and learn the trick.

You can also try cutting weed finely with sharp scissors instead of grinding because this method prevents THC loss. This method is apt for cannabis enthusiasts who look to maximize the high with smoking.

Tailoring your weed smoking experience may take some time and effort, but it is completely worthwhile. The initiative lets you get the results you expect and value for your money as well. So go ahead and embrace these tips, you will surely notice a difference!




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