Weddings in the social media age

So much of our lives are lived on social media, it’s no surprise weddings are. Have you been to a wedding recently and the bride and groom have their own hashtag recommending all photos are up loaded to Instagram for all to see? I bet quite a few of you have.


A whole life can be lived on social media, from meeting your partner, sharing your ups and downs, proposals, wedding and honeymoon followed by family. As people head away from wedding traditions of old, couples look to social media for inspiration on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Recent research suggest that only 1 in 5 couples want a traditional white wedding, which encapsulates the church ceremony, wedding breakfast, full bridal parties and well, tradition. Instead couples look to take aspects from a white wedding and make them their own, or abandon them completely.

Wedding inspiration

So weddings can get expensive, My Voucher Codes who looked into what modern couples want from their nuptials found that the majority don’t want the big traditional weddings because they cost too much. Unsurprising when you add up all the extras, however wedding inspiration over the last few years has had a big boost, thanks to the likes of Pinterest the social pin board and Instagram.


Bride and grooms to be can use these along with the hundreds of wedding magazines to take control of their day and pick the perfect details at the right cost. One thing that we’ve noticed using Pinterest is the sheer number of how to guides when I comes to weddings, DIY seems to be the way forward to save money. From making your own decorations to food and drink and in some cases making the brides own dress!

Photos and memories

When you share every aspect of your big day social, you are literally growing your guest list by thousands, no people won’t be showing up un announced but instead be able to see your wedding without even being there. Once over wedding photos would just be reserved for the bride and groom their bridal party and family, however now the whole world can see your wedding snaps as they are shared real time via social media. Some people even live stream their nuptials, perfect for friends or family who are unable to attend and those who just want a nosy.

Thank you notes

So in the digital age, it makes sense to make the most of it when sending thank you notes. It’s still probably poor etiquette to just send a Facebook message to those who attended as a thank you note, but you don’t have to go for the classic handwritten note either. There are websites who specialise in virtual or e-thank you notes, where you can make the messages as personal as you want. Thank you cards can be emailed or shared socially or if you still like the old fashioned method, the can be printed and posted. Alternatively like some couples have done, set up your own wedding website which you can keep your guests updated!


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