Wedding themes and how to choose one

One of you has asked the question, the other has answered ‘yes’, and you’re both in a state of euphoria. But once the frenzy dies down, matters then turn to the rather daunting task of planning the big day.

You might have a million ideas buzzing around your head – and to organise these thoughts into a coherent plan, it’s best to start by picking a theme – one that represents you as a couple, and your unique qualities, interests and style.

A fun way to do this is to create a mood board with pictures of all the things you might like to see on the day, with everything from decor to table decorations, outfits, and the perfect wedding rings and jewellery for the big day. You’ll find your images will probably veer towards one theme more than the others, in which case pick that theme and go with it.

If you’re still struggling, then there are numerous online quizzes that can help you to narrow it down. Or take a look at the themes here to see which most appeals to you…


Art Deco

Evocative of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ in the US. You’ll need to choose a venue in the wonderful art deco style associated with the era, with the glamorous decor and fashions to match. Aim for a colour theme of black and gold, with white ostrich feathers, geometric decorations, sequined tablecloths and, of course, a champagne tower.

Lively jazz music was the flavour of the decade, and is sure to get all ages onto the dancefloor before the night is through.



This has become a really popular theme in recent years, providing a chic look with apparent effortlessness. The perfect setting is a beautiful garden, with a colour scheme to match.

The vibe is a humble one that is cool, laid back, and a little bit wild and nomadic, with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, wildflower arrangements, tepees, patterned cushions, candles for when the sun sets, and a naked cake for the finishing touch.


This is a far more formal affair, with elegant but understated decor, a light and airy colour pallet and with classic flower arrangements from one floral variety.

The look should be timeless in a grand venue and with bride, groom, bridesmaids and best man in traditional attire.


This is a simple, back-to-basics look, using natural materials and textures such as sliced logs, stone, and wildflower arrangements. They’re normally held in a renovated barn situated on a farm, but can also be in a woodland or perhaps a vineyard.

Typically, you’ll see oak beams, fairy lights, bunting, hay bales used for seating, and fresh food adorning wooden tables. It’s a wedding that truly embraces the beauty of nature.



If you want to feel like movie stars for the day, then this is the way to go. It’s the kind of wedding that enjoys the best of everything – a grand stately home, glitzy outfits and dazzling proudly over-the-top decor that’ll make everyone say ‘wow!’.

There will normally be something spectacular and unexpected, like an unannounced firework display or a huge flower wall that’ll flood Instagram.

Everything will be top end, from the dress to the cake, and there might even be a red carpet.


This is by far the broadest theme, as it relates to anything that doesn’t fit the other categories, and enables the bride and groom to showcase their unique characters, interests and individualism.

The style might be gothic, steampunk or Renaissance, but could just as easily be Disney, Harry Potter or Star Wars.

As you’d expect with such a broad spectrum of ideas, there are no norms as to what people should wear or how the venue should look – it’s all in the imaginations of the happy couple.

Whatever theme you go for, make sure the big day is about the two of you – who you are and what you love. It’s why your guests adore you, and it’s why they’ll adore your wedding, too.

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