Wear Alijst With Pride, Care For Alijst With Ease


Alijst jewelry pieces are literal works of art, “crafted to last a lifetime.” Like all other works of art, Alijst jewelry requires care and upkeep to prolong its life. So how are you to continue wearing hand-crafted pieces, fit for a museum, on your body? Less is more when caring for your Alijst pieces and by following their recommended care method, you can ensure your pieces last as long as Venus de Milo!

The minds behind the visually captivating accessories at Alijst have redefined what it means to wear delicate and feminine jewelry. The pieces are made with precious metals and leather, fit to drape daintily down the spine, like the Dominijke necklace. Or you can don the Demona ring across a well-manicured hand. They are bold and mesmerizing, flowing with the movement of the wearer with little effort.

Alijst makes jewelry that is both raw and contemporary with classic elegance. The woman who wears an Alijst piece knows its ability to elevate her entire ensemble and appreciates the importance of her jewelry’s shine. She understands the importance of caring for the things you value, and she recognizes that Alijst pieces are made with the utmost care because the designers care about the wearer.


Being the busy woman that you are, Alijst jewelry is not hard to care for. With each piece, a plush and soft polishing cloth is included to promote regular cleaning habits. Alijst suggests you gently polish your well-fitted, spiked Morgen bracelet and all your Alijst pieces! When your jewelry is not resting firmly yet gently along the curves of your skin, store them in a jewelry box to limit the amount of unnecessary sunlight exposure and preserve them in a regulated temperature. Remember the golden rule of accessories: the last piece on should be the first piece off.

The Alijst collection is heavily rooted in the world of modern art. When wearing one of the pieces, you will feel empowered. There is no mistake in identifying the Alijst woman because her confidence radiates through her choice of accessories. Even without uttering a single word, she reveals herself. She is luxurious and edgy and her jewelry serves as a reminder of the woman she was, the woman she is, and the woman she aspires to be. Alijst changes the old adage to, “accessorize for the job you want.”

Today’s fast-paced world makes it too easy to revel in the muck and grime of your surroundings. But the Alijst woman is more often reminded of its beauty. She is adorned in glimmering masterpieces, crafted specifically with her needs in mind. She and her stylish trimmings are impeccably polished and impossible to ignore. She is strong, warm and open to the world. To join the league of aesthetically minded women illustrating their aura with Alijst jewelry, visit Alijst online at– http://www.alijst.com/.


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