Ways To Unwind With Your Friends This Summer


Summertime is the perfect season to get together with friends and participate in fun activities. You don’t have a lot of other obligations to attend to and the weather’s usually pretty nice. Put your thinking cap on and start coming up with a list of ways to entertain yourselves this summer.

Make sure you have some ideas that have you enjoying the outdoors. The warm months don’t last that long and it’s a break from being stuck indoors all day. Get creative and think about what you’ve done in the past that you’ve liked, and also new happenings that you’ve had a craving to explore. See ways to unwind with your friends this summer.


Host a picnic or head to a local park and gather all of your friends there to socialize. A BBQ is a great way to welcome in the summer season and enjoy time with your friends again. Ask everyone to bring a dish to share and have meat to put on the grill. Bring a couple of coolers of drinks and some music and you’re all set. It’s an excellent way to spend a summer afternoon or evening. Mix and mingle, and catch up with each other about what you’ve been up to all year. Being outside with your friends and sharing good food together is all you need to lift your spirits. Also, don’t forget dessert. No meal is complete without it.

The Beach or Pool

Round up a group of friends and head to a beach or the local pool. A fun day of swimming and soaking up the sun is always a good choice. Play volleyball or just relax on your towel talking. The beach will keep you entertained all day. Bring music and snacks to share and make a day of it. The scenery and beauty of the water will make you never want to leave. A large group of friends will have you splashing around and laughing until your heart’s content. Enjoy the peacefulness of the sand and ambiance of the blue sky and water.


Scan the 2017 Concert schedule and pick a band you’ve always wanted to see. This is your chance to see them live in concert and dance the night away. Bring a few friends and make a night of it by grabbing food before the show and dressing up to see your favorite musicians rock the stage. Concerts are the perfect place to let loose and move to your favorite band without caring if anyone’s watching. You’re likely to have beautiful weather on a summer evening too. Buy a new outfit to showoff, and have a blast laughing and dancing with your girlfriends.


Pleasant weather calls for a nice long hike. Pack a backpack of water and snacks and head with some friends on a hiking trail to burn off some calories. Hiking is a peaceful experience and you get exercise in the process. Choose a new trail you’ve never done before and explore new destinations. Find a beach and take a break sitting by the water. Let your pets run around and enjoy the scenery with you. Hiking is good for your mind and body. Use it as a time to reflect and meditate on what’s been going on in your life. It’s also a great time to have good conversation with your friends and enjoy each other’s company.


Pick a new restaurant and go out to dinner. Get dressed up and head out to a spot that’s new to everyone. Check out the menu beforehand to make sure it’s a place you’ll be okay eating at prior to making a reservation. Get a big group together to check it out and share in the experience as friends. Try to find a restaurant with a patio if it’s a nice summer night so you can enjoy the weather. If you like going out to eat, start checking out new restaurants each week and writing reviews online as a fun activity.

Movie & Ice Cream

Go see a new movie that’s just out or watch old favorite ones at home. Movies are a great way to relax and be entertained without needing to do or say much. Grab ice cream after to top the night off. Use it as a time to discuss what you liked about the movie or what’s been going on in your life. A movie and ice cream night is a good way to stay out of trouble and really kick back and relax.

Yoga in the Park

Find yoga in the park in your community and head there with a group of friends. It’s the perfect way to unwind and loosen up your body. Calm your mind at the same time and leave feeling refreshed. You don’t have to know what you’re doing to attend. Go with an open mind and accept that it’ll be a new challenge. If nothing else, take pleasure in the summer weather and that you’re participating in a healthy activity for your mind and body.

Mini Golf

Find a mini golf course in the area and challenge a group of friends to a game or two. Mini golf is light-hearted and entertaining. Try to get a hole-in-one or play different friends on various holes. Mini golf if fun and harmless and it’ll have you laughing and wagering friendly competitions with your friends.


Round up your friends and go camping this summer. Find a campground you all agree to and have fun roasting marshmallows, swimming and taking long walks. It’s a great group activity for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Baseball Game

Find a local baseball team you like and go cheer them on. There are games all summer long at different times of the day and you can easily get single game tickets. Tailgate in the parking lot with a group of friends and head into the game to indulge in hot dogs and homeruns.


There are all sorts of ways to enjoy your summer. Get creative and start chatting with your networks about what you have in mind. These are some of the best ways to unwind with your friends this summer.

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