Ways To Save Money On Your Look

There are a lot of costs involved in a personal beauty routine. From the overall cost of your ever expanding wardrobe to considering cosmetic procedures, there’s a big price tag to looking and feeling good in your skin. And that’s something you may be struggling to keep up with right now. After all, prices are going up but you still need your shampoo and conditioner! So with that in mind, here are some ways to start saving money on your look.

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Buy Second Hand as Much as Possible

Second hand items are a lifesaver when your budget is stretched thin. After all, second hand clothing and accessories are just as good as the pieces straight off the rack – they just got some light use before you came along. And there’s a lot you can do with thrifted clothing to make new and interesting pieces that are unique to your wardrobe. Seeing as they’re cheaper than ‘new’ fashion you can buy more items at a time, and that’ll make outfit crafting a lot easier in the long run.

Cut Back on Your Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine might be incredibly involved, and that could be costing you hundreds each year in unnecessary creams, oils, and lotions. After all, products like toners can be hit and miss depending on your skin type, and the moisturizer you’re using might not even be right for you! So take a step back and do some research here; what type of skin do you have? And what products will work really well with it?

Build a ‘Staple’ Wardrobe

A staple wardrobe is one that only fits the basics, such as a couple of professional skirts, some jeans, and some block color tees you can wear with everything. All of these basic products should be expensive and well made, and will last through years of wear. They can be mixed and matched very easily with various accessories, scarves, and jackets and thus you don’t have to spend anywhere near as much on your yearly clothing budget. You can add a couple new pieces every few months but rein yourself in when it comes to the fast fashion pieces.

Think About One Time Procedures

One time procedures can save you a lot of money in the long run when it comes to elements you’re always needing to maintain. For example, your hair. If you’ve got thinning or fine hair, it can be hard to achieve the volume and weight you really want without a thousand different products to run in. Follicular unit extraction (a type of hair transplantation), could come in here. All in all, if you’re worried about the way your hair sits on your head, or the hairstyles you struggle to use it for, cosmetic procedures could shave hundreds off of your yearly drug store bill.

If you want to save more money on your look, take some time to figure out what you really need before heading off to the till!

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