Ways The Internet Could Transform Your Whole Home


How much do you rely on the internet? If you’re spending your time looking at sites like this then the chances are the answer is “quite a lot”. But the truth is that many of us settle for using it in a way that inefficient, uninventive, and even unsafe. What if the internet could transform not just the way you browse the World Wide Web and communicate, but the way you live life in the home? Here, we’re going to look at how you really get your money’s worth out of your connection.



Cut the lag

If we’re being honest, most people don’t get the kind of connection speeds they’re paying for. In fact, most don’t even notice how much they might be slowing their own connection down. It’s worth taking the time, every once in awhile, to diagnose your Wi-Fi and ensure that you’re getting the full benefit of it. Many issues can be solved by changing settings like the Wi-Fi channel or using a different DNS. But there are many physical obstructions that can cause issues through the home. For instance, placing the Wi-Fi router near metal or a mirror can confuse the signals. At the farthest points in the home, the signal won’t be as strong either. To that end, it’s worth considering a signal booster for your Wi-Fi.

Like Skynet, but friendlier

Once you’ve ensured your connection is as strong as it can be all throughout the home, then you should look at how you can make better use of it. The Smart Future shows that, nowadays, just about everything can be connected through smart home devices. Not just digital hardware like your TV, your music, and all your other devices. You can control the environment through connected HVAC systems, light switches, and even bathroom controls. You can go even further, connecting the locks of the home, the windows, garage door and so forth. The possibilities of smart home devices keep growing, even to the point you can connect robots like automated vacuums and window cleaners to get a whole house of servants doing your bidding for you.

Stay secure

Net security is vital even when it’s about controlling one device. But when it’s about the condition and security of the whole home? Then you can’t afford to be lax with it. Installing as much protections as possible on digital devices and being thorough with password managers is one thing. You can, however, ensure that the whole network is protected as well. Devices like the Bitdefender BOX connects to your existing routers and steadfastly scans your network, scanning all the data packets that travel to and from the network to identify anything out of the ordinary, alerting any new users. The right network connection device can also scan all vulnerabilities in your network, letting you know when a device is a security concern or when a chosen password creates a potential backdoor for hackers.

The future is looking more and more connected and these kinds of connected set-ups are going to become a lot more common. Get ahead of the curve and start connecting your whole household to the net.

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