Want to Travel? Six Careers You Can Work Remotely

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Do you have the urge to travel? It’s a big world out there with the potential for a lifetime of adventure and exploration. What’s holding you back? Often it’s not the love of our birth country that keeps our feet on terra firma, it’s the lack of funds to finance our wanderlust. Back in the day  before we took on huge financial commitments such as mortgages, loans and starting a family, it was easy to just pack a rucksack go. The odd shift working in a bar on the way provided enough funds to pay for a night in a youth hostel and an overnight coach ticket. You could get by on peanuts, as there was nothing to worry about at home.

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What if there was a way of fulfilling your dream of travelling whilst meeting financial commitments? The internet has now provided the opportunity to work remotely as freelancers and entrepreneurs. As long as you have an internet connection you could potentially work from anywhere in the world! You could be exploring The Grand Canyon in the USA or trekking up a mountain in Peru, whilst still earning enough to pay your mortgage.

If you don’t have huge financial commitments back home you could consider apartments to rent, so that you can fully immerse yourself in local culture.  Your only restriction is ensuring you can connect to the internet for at least part of the day.

So, what are these jobs that can be worked remotely? This article aims to introduce you to jobs that can be worked from anywhere in the world.

Freelance writer

worked remotely

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Writing is a very popular career choice whilst travelling, you don’t need any technical skills and with regards to equipment, a laptop, tablet and an internet connection will suffice.  If you enjoy writing and are able to write accurately and prolifically there are numerous freelance writing positions available. Imagine the amount of written content on the internet, someone has to write it and often businesses don’t have the time or skills to write the content themselves. Therefore they outsource to freelance writers. As a freelance writer it is important to develop a portfolio which showcases your work to its best advantage. You could specialise in copywriting, ghostwriting and content writing. Unfortunately freelance writing can be notoriously low paid until you develop yourself as a professional writer.

Another aspect to writing would be to write about your travels in the form of a blog. This would be a great way of recording your adventures as well as bringing in a bit of extra cash.

Web designer

Website design is usually a task that many businesses outsource. Every business requires an online presence as this is usually where customers are found. There is an abundance of work for a skilled website designer who has developed a portfolio to showcase their work. With regards to equipment you will require a laptop, internet connection and software relating to design, all easily transportable whilst travelling.

Before you travel it would be wise to update your web design skills, so that you remain up to date and therefore attractive to businesses. Your skills can be updated via online learning or at college. Publications regarding design would be a useful read too.

There are now plenty of web design templates available. Which you can adapt, or you could offer a more bespoke service as your niche.


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Whilst travelling you will be taking many photographs, so why not try to develop a career of it. It will be tricky to do on location images, unless you stay in an area for a while. You could concentrate on travel photography, selling your photographs online or as stock photos. Showcasing your photographs on your own website will help get your photos “out there”. Ensure you camera equipment is the best you can afford to get the best shots, but ensure it’s insured!


Qualified tutors are in demand across a wide range of subjects. An online tutor is particularly attractive to parents investing in their child’s education, as it is usually cost effective. Being an online tutor means that you cut out the expense of travelling and there is the advantage of working from wherever you wish. Online tutoring is usually carried out by video conferencing and skype technology.

There is opportunity to concentrate on teaching children from particular parts of the world, such as China. You will need to be aware of time differences from wherever you are travelling and you will need to be available at set times during the day, other than that you have the potential to make a decent living.


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If your are multilingual your skills are in high demand. It is an easy job to carry out whilst travelling, especially if you are translating documents from one language to another. You could be a verbal or written translator. The documents you may be involved in translating may include news stories or legal documents. It should be very easy to find lucrative work.

Software/web developer

These jobs lend themselves to being worked remotely very easily. They are also in high demand. People are working away from the office environment more and more. As long as you are contactable, it is possible to work from anywhere. It will require a certain amount of commitment though as clients will have deadlines that they want you to meet. It may be that you could do contract work rather than work for a specific employer, this will allow you to focus on task until the job is done, leaving time for travel until you take on your next job. Contract work is usually more highly paid than employed work.

This is just only a small snapshot of the types careers that can be worked remotely. There are many more. You could even work your current job remotely. Many employees are open to flexible working options. You could work remotely for a set time of a year and then return to your usual position. If you don’t ask you won’t find out if it’s possible!

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