VITALBEAUTIE introduces premium collagen drink, Super Collagen

Pick the right type of easy-to-drink, fast-absorbing VITALBEAUTIE liquid collagen for your specific needs

VITALBEAUTIE is a beauty & health functional food brand of Amorepacific and its Super Collagen helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy simply by drinking one bottle every day. Here are the benefits of the easy-to-drink, fast-absorbing liquid collagen for women, Super Collagen lineup and tips about which type you should pick.


C:\Users\amore\Downloads\collagen_da_NOTEXT-02 (1).jpgVITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen is the collagen supplement with the highest sales in Korea. With AP Collagen Peptide approved as a functional skincare ingredient for the first time in Korea by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2010, over 200 million bottles of Super Collagen have been sold over the past 13 years.

Super Collagen, the best-selling product of VITALBEAUTIE, has been loved over the past 10 years since its first release in 2010. This low molecular weight liquid collagen peptide supplement was designed to ensure easy consumption of low molecular weight collagen for customers.

VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen contains 3,300 mg of liquid type low molecular weight fish collagen peptide and, as its name indicates, it has a very small molecular weight, which helps replenish the collagen supply to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

Plus, it has vitamin C, essential for collagen synthesis, biotin, ceramide, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, all of which work well with collagen to boost the health benefits of collagen.

Super Collagen is recommended for those seeking a simple and convenient way to consume collagen, and who want to have hydrated and healthy skin. Simply drink one ampoule after your skincare routine at night when collagen production increases and it will help strengthen the skin.

VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen Essence

C:\Users\amore\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\220223 바이탈뷰티71772_3.jpgThe main ingredients of VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen Essence are 1,000 mg of AP Collagen Peptide, selenium, and Biotin. AP Collagen Peptide is AP’s original technology and it is the first collagen ingredient in Korea to be individually approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2010 for its skin health benefits. It supports skin hydration & elasticity**. [Biotin: Supports fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism / Selenium: Supports healthy immune function and antioxidant, supports healthy hair and nails**] ** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Clinical trials demonstrated that it improves skin firmness, hydration, and roughness of the skin. It also has essential skin components such as hyaluronic acid, elastin, ceramide, and vitamin C that helps with collagen synthesis to actively replenish the skin with nutrients for its health.

VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen Essence Biotin

Super Collagen Essence Biotin is a new addition to VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen lineup and was newly introduced to Amazon US this month. It contains biotin content, 5,000% higher than the recommended daily intake for sufficient biotin consumption.

It is a fast-absorbing liquid collagen for women and each bottle is enough for a total of 10 days. By drinking a single cup every day, you can easily include collagen and biotin in your diet. It also comes in an eco-friendly package that’s made from readily recyclable material to lessen plastic guilt.

Super Collagen Essence Biotin contains AP Collagen Peptide, Korea’s first functional collagen ingredient approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, biotin, and niacin. Its sweet and sour berry flavor is another delight, which has also removed the distinctive fishy odor of collagen thanks to Amorepacific’s patented technology.

VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen, Super Collagen Essence and Super Collagen Essence Biotin are all available on Amazon VITALBEAUTIE US.


[Product Information] VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen Llineup VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen

– 3,300 mg of low molecular weight fish collagen peptide

– Vitamin C, biotin, ceramide, elastin, hyaluronic acid

Size and price: 8.40 fl.oz / for 10 days / $34.95 VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen Essence

– 1,000 mg of AP Collagen Peptide, 150 μg of biotin and 55 mg of selenium

– Hyaluronic acid, elastin, vitamin C

Size and price: 1.80 fl. oz / for 14 days / $49.95

VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen Essence Biotin 10 Days (8.45 fl.oz. Pack of 1) VITALBEAUTIE Super Collagen Essence Biotin

– 1,000 mg of AP Collagen Peptide, 1,500 μg of biotin and 15 mgNE of niacin

Eco-friendly readily recyclable package

Size and price: 8.45 fl.oz / for 10 days / $26.50



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