Visiting Thailand And Getting A Phuket Tattoo To Remember The Trip

There are so many creative ways to express ourselves, whether it be through sport and athletics, some have the gift of song, and then there is the explosion of art we call painting, drawing, and all things ink.

Each has and requires their disciplines and both have a wonderful sense of achievement and accomplishment when a goal is reached or a task is completed. The beauty of each is in the eyes of those looking, not everyone will enjoy everything and that’s fine, but we certainly know good looking when it appeals to us.

Inked skin.

The tradition or practice of essentially piercing the skin and filling it with ink or dye is centuries old. Dating back to times as early as the Romans and Egyptians who used the coloring to not only accentuate their features but to distinguish the hierarchy we have seen the great evolvement of patterns and designs.

Today people use it as a way to communicate, say things they are too shy or afraid to say out loud, others use it as a declaration of love, and no matter the reason the permanent image is a decision.

What is it and why get a tattoo?

A tattoo is in simple terms the modification of the skin whereby the pigmentation is colored and changed by ink that is inserted or pierced into the corium layer of the skin.

The list of reasons and claims as to why people, young and old, decide to get their skin tattooed is endless, some good some bad. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more popular reasons why.

  • Social. This is a major deciding factor, even more so because of the world we live in today where everything is shared or determined by media platforms, and ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ is just another fad to follow. Getting a tattoo because your favorite celebrity has one or your best friend just got one should not be the deciding factor. Do it for yourself, for personal or significant feelings and reasons.
  • Acceptance. This goes somewhat hand in hand with social life, wanting to be part of a group so much that you would do anything to join, to be ‘part’ of the ‘in crowd.’

There are many ‘whys’ when it comes to tattoos, see some comments and opinions on the topic here, make a cup of well-deserved tea, and enjoy an interesting read.

  • Groups. Often ‘gangs’ or tribes use ‘markings’ as such to establish where you stand in the family, especially royal regulations, and to differentiate between cultures and beliefs.
  • Expression. You may have achieved the ultimate goal of representing your country at the Olympics or world cup and getting the symbols and logos to showcase this is for you means something, it pertains to your individuality.
  • Status. Some cultures and religions see a tattoo as a representation of wealth or health, the placement of the image also plays a role, and finally the ‘message’ the person is trying to communicate.

Getting a tattoo abroad.

There are so many opinions and comments on both sides of the fence on this subject, should you or shouldn’t you, is it safe, what are the risks.

Many people and even friends of ours have gotten tattoos while on holiday while celebrating a special occasion or event and have done so successfully. Naturally, some critics and nay-sayers who are convinced the whole practice is taboo, but that is a topic for another day.

If you and hubby are going on a once in a lifetime trip and want something other than a box of photographs that will ultimately end up stuffed in a draw somewhere, then getting tattoos is a wonderful way to seal the occasion.

With proper research and homework, there should be no hesitation when it comes to finding a venue that will help you get the right design or execute your vision flawlessly.

Cultures, countries, and techniques differ all over the world and one of the oldest and longest practicing areas is in Thailand. A rich history with grand stories date back centuries with elaborate tales and show how diverse their understanding of the art of tattooing is.

If you find yourself on that beautiful side of the world then visiting the boutiques and tattoo artists is a must, and if you decide to get a Phuket tattoo by Inked Machine to commemorate the occasion then all the better. You will not only have seen a piece of mother nature that looks like constant artwork, but you get to take a piece of that art home to enjoy forever.

Holidays, and especially ones with your other half, your soul mate, are unforgettable, to have that connection that can never be replaced is a blessing some are fortunate to experience.

Qualities of a tattoo shop to look for.

Knowing which shop is the best, or who has the recommended tattoo artists are just some of the questions you need to ask when opting to have a tattoo done, then the basic boxes to tick off are crucial in ensuring you are safe and protected during and at the end of the procedure.

Professionalism goes a long way, from your initial phone call down to the final handshake once the job has been done, you need to be sure, and to feel, that the company and its staff are trained and skilled in this talent. It is after all permanent, is it not? Looking for great customer care and service and how they handle your requests or questions.

For a quick guide click on this link to give you some tips and handy advice before going to have ink done, you can never be too safe and knowledge is never wasted, it also helps to know what ‘shouldn’t’ be happening in the process.

Cleanliness (the most crucial element in my eyes), comfortability, and confidence all make for a well-rounded experience you are likely to recommend to your friends.

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