Vintage Rolex Watches: What Determines Value & Rules For Buying

If you have a love of vintage luxury watches, you certainly aren’t alone; famous brands such as Rolex and Omega created amazing timepieces that are as sought-after today, as they were when first made. What determines the value of such a timepiece?

vintage luxury watches

Condition Of The Watch

Obviously, condition impacts the value and different models have different market values, depending on the number of watches produced. Such a timepiece should be regularly serviced and details of each service should be found somewhere, perhaps in the owner’s manual. The watch should be in perfect working order and the casing and glass should be in good condition, with all hands working. Rolex watches must be serviced by Rolex-approved technicians. You should always ask before handing over a valuable timepiece to ensure that the technician is qualified to open the watch.

Model Type & Number

Much like most products, Rolex offers a wide range of products and some are more valuable than others. There are so many Rolex models that were made throughout their long and colourful history. If you would like a vintage Rolex watch valued, simply take it to a reputable antique dealer, who would be able to place a value on the watch. If you want to be 100% sure, ask several experts to appraise the timepiece, which ensures you are not paying more than the market value.

Owning A Genuine Vintage Rolex Watch

When looking to buy a luxury Rolex timepiece, you need to watch out for replicas. Every timepiece should have a certificate of authenticity, along with a guarantee. The safest way to acquire a genuine second-hand Rolex watch is to approach a leading antique dealer, where you would find an extensive catalogue of authentic antique and vintage Rolex timepieces at affordable prices. You should never consider buying a Rolex watch that has no documentation, as this means one of two things: either the watch has been stolen or it is a replica. Many copiers went to great lengths to copy popular Rolex designs, and some are so good, only an expert would know.

Collecting Rolex Watches

Many people collect antique Rolex watches Sydney or reputable dealers in other cities are offering, and who could blame them? This most prestigious of watch makers produced a long list of models, both men’s and women’s watches. If you would like to start collecting these amazing timepieces, you are advised to forge an alliance with a leading antique dealer. Aside from having a wide range of quality watches to wear as accessories, collecting luxury watches is a solid long-term investment that will pay big dividends over the years.

While you can find genuine Rolex watches sold by private individuals, you are advised to buy from an established antique dealer, as this is the best way to ensure the timepiece is authentic. Of course, the value of such a watch would appreciate over time and if you are looking for a good long-term investment, luxury watches are a good bet.

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