Vintage Clothing is Trending

Vintage style clothing is a generic definition of clothing that originated from about 20 to 100 years ago and was representative of the era when it was first popular. Vintage clothing is trending and looking for the perfect piece is one of the greatest joys of shopping. There is the thrill of the hunt and unearthing an amazing piece manufactured years ago. Searching boutiques and websites to find the perfect vintage copy is a part of the boho and the vintage experience. Learning how to find and purchase vintage clothing, however, can be a challenge.


Finding the best vintage can be as easy as looking at a website. In fact, you will find that these sites have already done the legwork for you. Follow a couple of rules to get the best fitting vintage clothing styles. Look for 1940s styles, authentic and modern, if you are a curvy girl. The tailoring is very defined at the waist and clothes are cut generously. If you are tall and slim, vintage clothes from 1930 are awesome. The fabric clings to the body and accentuates your assets. If you are small on top you can wear almost any type of vintage clothing. Victorian jackets, lacy blouses and skirts were cut small since women were “tied” into their corsets to look smaller. The 1950s are perfect for those who are busty and have an hourglass figure.


Vintage inspired styles bring back the cuteness of years ago and marry them with the easy care and comfortable fabrics of today. Incorporating vintage styles in your closet gives you a fun way to mix and match. A-line and swing skirts are ideal for office wear, kids’ school outfits or even shopping. Polka dots, small prints, furry jackets and boots are all coming back and are better than ever.


Boho clothing is chic and draws on bohemian and hippie influences. Boho tends to wane from time to time, but it is trending today. Clothing features floating skirts that are long and usually white, furry gilets, cropped jackets, and large belts covered in coins. Baggy cardigans and womens cowboy boots are also considered boho clothing.


This style looks fabulous on anyone and as long as you keep to the basic, you can do just about anything with this look. The boho style is also retro-hippie-shabby chic. Smart jeans, leather bags, jersey tops and boiled wool jackets represent this line. Boho is simplicity, and that is truly elegant.  One great fun look, that is perfect on any age or size, is the flirty, swingy lacy skirt with leggings, boots, and a great denim jacket. Really, this outfit is timeless.


Follow vintage and boho clothing websites for those awesome pieces that represent comfort, style, and fashion. Designers state that boho and in a way vintage has always drifted in and out of fashion. The hippie style and psychedelia were at their peak in the late 1960s, but these clothes never entirely went out of fashion. Now this fashion nod adds a fresh new angle to make them today’s fashion statement.



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