Victorino Noval Foundation raised $45.000 for foster kids

Victorino Noval Foundation partnered with the Children’s Trust Fund to sponsor the Celebrity Flag Football Game. The foundation stands out because 100% of the money will go to funding various foster kids from clothing, after-school enrichment programs and educational/leadership trips across the country to medical exams and dental programs.

With over 45,000 dollars raised and 4000 tickets purchased the Victorino Noval Foundation accomplished to help a lot of foster kids. Not to forget the kids enjoyed a performance by Anthony Lewis besides the Flag Football Game and TV actor Kel Mitchell MC’d kept everyone upbeat.

Oscar nominated Edward James Olmos  expressed his gratitude for Victorino’s support:

“Glad to see another member of the entertainment community like Victorino Noval sponsor an event where kids are having fun and we’re raising money towards their scholarships.”

Victorino was awarded the Children’s Trust Fund Hero Medal for his long time support of the organization and making the Celebrity Flag Football Game possible for the kids.

I’ve been supporting the children’s Trust Fund for almost 5 years now and this is my first year being involved in a athletic game, I have to say it’s the Funnest event we’ve down together.


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