Vancouver Custom Tailored Suits from Senator Bespoke

Have you finally decided to invest in a custom-made suit? Every man deserves to own at least one sophisticated, classy suit to wear on different occasions.

The relationship with the tailor is crucial for having a model made in accordance with your preferences. There are multiple things to have in mind before scheduling an appointment, such as the occasion, style, fabric, etc. Nevertheless, your tailor can help you to choose these details to make the perfect garment for you.

If you plan to invest in a custom-made suit in Vancouver, follow the tips below.

Consider the occasion

When having a bespoke suit made, it’s essential for men to consider the occasion. For instance, you might have a wardrobe full of suits, but this is your first bespoke model. Some men invest in a custom suit for their wedding day or an important event. You should inform your tailor about the occasion for him/her to guide you through the process of selecting the right details.

Men are encouraged to be honest when discussing their requirements with a tailor. When asked about the occasion, they should say whether they plan to wear the garment to work, to their wedding day, to a special event, etc. There is nothing wrong in admitting you haven’t purchased a suit before or that you aren’t a fan of such attire.

Moreover, you shouldn’t pretend to be more formal than you actually are. For instance, if you haven’t been to a tailor before, you shouldn’t hide this information. Nowadays, there are numerous ateliers for custom clothing, such as Senator Bespoke suits, made to fit clients’ personal measurements. Custom tailors are looking to build a relationship with every client, which is why they need to understand your needs.

Choose the best fabrics

Another thing to take into consideration when having a tailored suit made in Vancouver is the selection of fabrics. The array of fabrics can be overwhelming, ranging from cashmere and Super 120s to tweed and flannel. Men must be careful in the choice of fabrics, as these garments should be worn during three seasons. A dark model is highly recommended, as you cannot go wrong with black, blue, or gray.

In addition, the weight and quality of the material are important factors to consider, especially if you are after a three-season suit. The best fabrics used for manufacturing such garments include worsted wool, mohair, flannel, and super 120s. For instance, worsted wool is a versatile material made of worsted yarn, which is suitable for models in solid colors.

Furthermore, mohair is a silky type of fabric, which is made from Angora goat hair. It’s more textured than the rest of the wools, which makes it a unique choice of fabric. In contrast, super 120s is lightweight wool that’s considered more luxurious. It’s ideal for three-season models along with the other types of similar wool, such as Super 100s and Super 150s.

Flannel is another popular choice of a suit material, which comes in an extensive selection of grays. Flannel models are breathable and incredibly comfortable for warm periods, such as spring. Read more about the properties and types of flannel.

Select the right style

Apart from choosing the right material, men should discuss their style preferences with the tailor. You should first decide between a two-piece and a three-piece model, mostly depending on your climate. Men living in warmer areas and fond of dressing up are suggested to choose a three-piece model. The vest can even be made from a different fabric so as to be worn not only with the suit but separately as well.

The following decision to make is between a single and double-breasted model. The former doesn’t stand out in the same way as the latter, meaning you can wear it more frequently without being noticed. Conversely, a double-breasted jacket is more noticeable and suitable for more special occasions.

The pocket style is another factor to think about when having a bespoke suit made. There are multiple pocket style options, including jetted, flap, patch, straight, and slanted. In terms of placement, a tailored suit might have a coin pocket, chest pocket, double flaps, and other combinations. When looking at pocket styles, it’s vital to listen to the advice of the tailor, as he/she can educate you on the best options.

Lapel options are also worth considering, although they are relatively limited. Your tailor will help you pick the right lapel, peak, notch, or shawl. He/ She will explain to you the different lining styles of a jacket. For instance, a jacket can be fully lined, half lined, or unlined.

Skip the trends

Another important consideration when having such attire made is skipping the trends. Although short pants and skinny lapels are fashionable at the moment, these won’t be trendy in several years, as a new trend will take place. Going classy is the best way to invest in a suit, which you can wear in the following five to ten years.

Men are advised to choose timeless styles, which have proven to be long-lasting throughout the years. There is nothing more disappointing than investing in a bespoke model that is no longer trendy, although it was chic last year.

The bottom line

Every man should invest in a bespoke suit to look outstanding on a daily basis or on special occasions.

It’s worth every penny!

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