Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2022

It can sometimes prove quite difficult to find the perfect balance between cheesy and thoughtful when it comes to gifts on Valentine’s Day – yet we all try our best to find the ideal present for the person that we love. If you’re looking for a little more inspiration on what you can get your partner, we are here to help. Make Valentine’s Day 2022 the one to remember with these gorgeous gift ideas for your other half.

An experience day

No matter whether your partner loves to cook, drive, climb, travel, explore, eat or drink, there are an abundance of experience days that you could choose from to gift them with this year. From incredible helicopter tours in London to thrilling 4×4 off-road driving days, there truly is an experience to suit everyone. Book your next adventure today! Make sure to bring your camera along with you and capture every moment of you together on your special date. Later, you can make your photos last by turning them into a photo book or a photo collage.

Star Map 

Under Lucky Stars lets you create beautiful star maps that reflect the exact alignment of the stars at a specific time and place of your choosing. These might be used for special life events such as weddings, birthdays, or first kisses. They are way more than just posters. They are beautiful designs, printed on high quality paper, available in 16 different styles, 3 sizes, and 6 framing options. And they ship for free worldwide. They are the original Star Map company and the only one verified by a NASA astronomer!

A beautiful photo frame

Travelled the world together? Documented a milestone? It’s more than likely that you have shared many happy memories, so why not display some of these around the house? Print out some of your favourite photos together and pop one of them in a gorgeous photo frame to hang up on the wall or place on the mantlepiece. Every time you walk past it or take a glance at it, it’ll take you back to that special moment in time.

A sweet treat

Although they are fairly predictable, who doesn’t love receiving a big box of their favourite chocolates that they can tuck into every evening as they settle down after work? With beautiful selections hitting the shelves ahead of the day, it’s easy to pick up a range of your loved one’s favourite sweet treats. If you’re also a big fan of chocolate, just make sure there are some in the box that you like too!

Something for their wrist

Not only will a new timepiece look great on your partner’s wrist, but it’s also a gift that can be cherished forever. You’ll never have to hear the words, ‘sorry I’m running late, I didn’t realise the time’ again!

A personalized phone case

Smartphones are a necessity of daily life and phone cases serve to protect the gadget from scratches and dents. While a phone case may be an unusual Valentine’s day gift, it is a thoughtful gift nonetheless. Get a customized one at Custom Envy and design it however you like according to your partner’s taste.

A subscription to their favourite wine

If your partner loves nothing more than getting home, making themselves comfortable and pouring a glass of wine, there is no doubt that they would to receive a monthly subscription to their favourite bottles. That way, they also won’t have to run out to the shops when their current bottle is empty.

If a subscription is not an option at the moment, get him a curated gift basket of the best wine instead. You can choose a pre-made gift basket or customize your gift with all his favorites, along with some fine chocolates, quality coffee, and personalized wine gear.

A weekend away

Been dreaming of some one on one time for a while? Make it happen with a weekend trip away. No matter whether you’d prefer to get some winter sun abroad, or head to the Lake District for camping under the stars, it’s important that you take some quality time out together.

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