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Technology is a wonderful thing that is being embraced the world over to improve business productivity while reducing risks in the workplace. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of Health & Safety where technology is being fully utilised as an efficient tool to help modernise outdated, paper-based health and safety management procedures.

Blue Lemon Health & Safety have developed a bespoke software solution that makes meeting all of you health and safety and compliance requirements much easier.

You will be able to manage all of your staff training needs, keep a record of all training taken by staff members, have a centralised compliance certification management system in place, meet with your insurance regulations, manage, schedule and record all equipment checks across all sites, and easily manage and record your risk assessments across all sites.

Fully responsive support

Installing new health and safety software will help to solve a lot of issues that can exist in a human-driven system, but organisations need to know how to implement these changes and support their staff during the integration of the new software system.


When you choose Blue Lemon health and safety software, our state of the art cloud based solution is delivered to you with our full guarantee of ongoing, helpful and responsive support whenever you may need us.

We will work closely with your company so that your key health and safety staff members will be able to quickly learn how to use the software so that they can start making improvements straight away in their current health and safety procedures.

By using our software, your staff will be able to look at your current EHS Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and make any necessary changes to your current practices where needed. By incorporating the Blue Lemon software capabilities, you can more easily manage your health and safety compliance and ensure that nothing crucial is missed.

Improved staff training

It can be hard work keeping on top of all your staff health and safety training, especially if you run a paper-based system where files can be miss-placed and training renewal dates forgotten. But with our Health & Safety’s software solution you can more easily manage all of your staff Health & Safety training requirements.


Using our software, you will be able to easily add new training requirements for all staff members as they join your company, as well as set renewal training reminders for staff that need to undertake a refresher course or renew their certificates.

Each job role may need a different set of health and safety training procedures. You can easily assign the appropriate training requirements to fit each job role, schedule training courses, tutors and venues, and upload training course materials. There may also be different training renewal dates for staff, so you can automatically set renewal reminders for the future.

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