Use an App to Date and Get Married – Find your Conservative Boyfriend


Once upon a time, it was not necessarily a breach of contract to date, or even to marry a person of political tendencies different from yours. These days have been behind us since the election of 2016, which tore our country apart faster than it could be said “blindly”. So many single-minded conservatives, especially those living in the blue states or in progressive urban areas, are now in a more difficult time to find a partner – because they cannot all be as easy and effortless as the couple. In such a highly liberal city, right-wing politics often means sweeping swiftly to the left. Could a new dating app help?

The Conservatives are going through a difficult time, which, in all fairness, should not be so surprising given their penchant for building walls. Fortunately, a new dating app called Righter has arrived to prevent the far right from sliding to the left.

A new conservative dating app is trying to make it easier for singles on the right to find themselves with seemingly bland, missionary sex. “Righter”, as the app calls it, proclaims itself to be the place where “good spirits meet”. “Have you ever been swept left on a dating app because you’re conservative? Believe me, the official Twitter account of Righter was tweeted Wednesday night. “Try more just where #MAGA makes you more attractive, not less!”

Righter is the dating app for conservatives, launched in December. Righter is specially designed to allow MAGA encounters. I was curious to see how the action was going in our area, so I filled out the registration form and created an account. It was not exactly what I expected. The landing page features a J. Crew-esque model wearing an elegant American flag sweater and smiling sympathetically next to her golden retriever. I can only assume that both are called Max. The list of men in the area on the application proved extremely short: about two dozen candidates. I could meet more conservative singles any night in the basements of Hill Country.

Righter’s message, which dates back to his Instagram posts last October, is what you expect from conservative singles who seek to reaffirm their sexist and racist views. There are memes about denying access to immigrants. Classism. Snowflake recipes. And how women should be “reactive”. All these things are totally romantic.

Righter intends to work around this problem by offering love in, particularly conservative settings. The rules require men to make the initial step and pay for the first appointment. Users cannot hide their age. The photo-shopping is strictly forbidden.

The app is free, but for $9.99 a month, you get unlimited “likes” and “super loved ones” to let a special person know that you are thirsty for desire. And for $29.99 a month, you can get tips online from doctors about sexual performance, etc.

The application seems intended for conservatives living in cities with a liberal majority, where the calculation – especially for men – is decidedly difficult. Polls show that 70% of young women are now Democrats. Add a fandom to a president who could convincingly be described as a serial sex offender, and the choices become terribly slim.

A dating app is usually about bringing people together, not about creating divisions. Not that the act of distracting people is a surprising M.O from the far right – it’s just a problem that probably needs to be adjusted when it comes to marketing a dating app.

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