UpRight Review

We all fathom the importance of maintaining our posture whenever we are seated on a computer or at a table having a good read. People often tend to ignore their sitting and standing posture and as a result end up suffering from back aches. UpRight is a wearable device invented for the sole purpose of ensuring that an individual who is wearing it maintains a certain posture that is beneficial to one’s health. The device is placed on a user’s back and monitors their spine’s position, if in any case the user changes into a slouchy position the sensors located in the device alert the user by gently vibrating the device.


UpRight Device

Upright is a small stick like device that is placed on an individual’s lower back just above the waistline. It has a slender body that helps it fit comfortably on an individual’s back without unnecessary protrusions. The device has adhesive strips which prevents the device from falling off. The Upright device contains special sensors coupled up with an accelerometer to monitor and give signal when your spine bends in a harmful position.

How the Device is Set Up

The device has a sensor as well as an accelerometer that helps it monitor the change in posture of its user. Before the device is strapped on the users back, it is calibrated to read the initial posture of the user and thus records it as the proper state of the spine. Now when the device is placed on the user’s back it has an initial recording of the angle of the spine. When the user sits in an angle different from the initial reading, the device vibrates gently on the users back reminding him/her that their current posture is harmful and that they should sit upright.

Although the Upright device is not the first of its kind, its specs prove to be the best of its kind to help with posture problems. Upright is also equipped with a number of interesting features, one of them being the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity. The availability of the Bluetooth 4.0 enables the device to easily connect with other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Data transferred between the Upright device and the smartphones or tablets enables the user to create different profiles for creating training programs. This training program will help the user strengthen their back muscles as well as get in better shape.
Upright runs on a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. It has a micro USB port that is used to charge the device. According to its manufacture, Upright boasts of lasting four days after a single charge. The sensor is also bundled with 60 adhesive pads with one pad recording a lasting span of two days at most.
The company that is behind the invention of the upright device has opted to use the services of Indiegogo crowd funding platform in raising the funds for the testing as well as introducing the device into the market. UpRight may be the long awaited technological advancement that may reduce the number of backache cases. The device looks promising as it has some solid specifications.

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