Upping Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

When we think of home improvements, the majority of us automatically begin to think of our home’s interiors. The bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the lounge… we think of all the different colour schemes we could try, furniture, flooring, lighting, wall art. But when’s the last time you thought about the outside of your home? Your home’s exterior might not be something that you see as much as you do the interiors. But it’s still important. It’s what you and other people first see when approaching your home. It’s the first impression. It’s also what others see from the outside day in and day out. If you haven’t spruced up your exteriors in a while, it’s time to focus on upping your property’s kerb appeal. Here are some suggestions that can help with this!

General Maintenance

There are some general maintenance steps you should routinely take when it comes to your home’s exteriors. You should make sure that the gutters are clear and clean. This isn’t just to make them look better. It also means they can work properly, directing water away from your home’s foundations and preventing damage that could be really costly to fix. You should make sure that your roof is in good shape. This can mean replacing broken tiles or even replacing roofing if you have specialist roofing like thatch. Make sure that all of your windows are intact and uncracked. Clear debris and build up in corners that could have been blown in by wind or brought in by wildlife.


Do you have a driveway? A Stamped Concrete Driveway is ideal if you have a car or any other kind of vehicle. It provides a safe and even place to park up. However, you do need to make sure to maintain your driveway properly. This can mean having repairs carried out where necessary, as well as making sure that any weeds growing around the driveway are properly pulled up. If your driveway gets dirty, consider a jet washer, which will make clearing and washing down the expanse as easy as possible.

Gates and Fencing

If you have gates or fencing around your home, this will require maintenance too. Replace any broken fence panels and make sure that they are washed down carefully. You can repaint them if you fancy a change of colour or if you want to make them look fresh and new. If you want a high quality fence use a vinyl fence installation contractor to add curb appeal to your home.  When it comes to gates, make sure that they are well oiled at the hinges to prevent creaking or squeaking noises. You can also paint these with specialist metal paint to match in with the aesthetic of your home.

Front Door

Is your front door looking weather beaten or worn? You can completely replace it with a new design, or you could just take the time to sand it down and repaint it a chosen colour. Make sure to patch test colours you’re interetsed in and to make sure that you’re using proper wood paint for outdoor use.

These are just a few starter steps, but each can make all the difference to your home’s exterior!

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