Upcoming smartphone tech to look forward to

mobile technology

Mobile technology is improving fast.  Manufacturers are working on new technologies like 3D images and Holograms. Now they still require too much power but at least it is something to look forward to in the future. Read on for some interesting upcoming smartphone tech you will enjoy not too far from now.

Remote control

All machines will be interconnected. Your phone serves as your remote control. Maybe you want to open your garage door, watch TV or water the plants. Thanks to mobile technology, you will be able to do anything from your smartphone.

Enjoy 5G in 2025

In 2025, we will all be able to enjoy 5G. The 5G speed will reach more than 1 gigabit per second, great for downloading a full HD movie within two minutes. Because of this, the battery life has to increase too.

3D interface and holograms

Right now you see that technology is focusing on 3D movies, camera functions and games. However, smartphones in the future are going to provide a 3D interface and holograms. Can you imagine how much more fun a FaceTime call is going to be when a 3D version of your friend pops up? In addition, you can find many people who love to play online games such online blackjack from their mobile not far from now you will enjoy these games in 3D. If hologram smartphones become commercial depends on consumer demand.

mobile technology

No more Reading glasses

Within ten years you do not need to wear your contact lenses or glasses to see your screen. Thanks to smartphone technology, you will see clearly, because the screen will be able to adjust to your eyes. Pixels are going to adjust to your eye disorder.

Mega storage

In a few years, you can immediately transfer all your movies and music to your mobile. Right now, it is not possible to store huge amount of data on your phone. However, in the future gigantic data storage will become mainstream. The Rice University in Houston discovered how to manufacture RRAM chips. The production process is expensive but in the future, it will be cheaper.

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