Upcoming New York designer Kyle


My name is Kyle, kidkyle2.0 on instagram, I’m a young designer and street ware enthusiast based out of New York City. My love of street ware started extremely young. Coming from New York I was always surrounded by street ware and high-end fashion.

I fell in love with street ware because street ware represented the culture. Street ware to me showed me what’s going on in fashion and culture. Growing up I always wore Ralph Lauren, BBC, supreme, obey, been trill, 40oz, surr, black scale, diamond supply, mishka, etc.


After a while I kind of got tired of wearing these brands because I felt like everyone was just buying them for the hype and to resell not because the liked the designs or had a love for street ware. This motived me to start designing clothes and make my own clothes. I currently have two web stores I design for design by humans and rageon.

My designs on design by human are my graphic design and rage on my designs is my photography designs. I put a ton of work into all my designs, each design is artwork I make. My overall goal is the push the culture forward and to bring originality back to street ware. The clothes I make are full of creativity and originality.

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