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Where can I start? Well, I am just in love and awe with this bra. Wearing the UpBra bra was a step in the right direction, which helped me build some confidence that I thought I lost because of the look of my chest.

It is very difficult to find a perfect bra that offers good lifting and gives excellent support. To be honest, we all want a pretty cleavage when we wear our favorite dress or a shirt, and UpBra delivers the good.

With the UpBra bra, you can adjust and lift your cleavage to the way you want. This product helped me to feel good about what I have and to feel beautiful in my skin. It is handmade in California, USA.


How does it work?

UpBra bras utilize two straps hidden underneath the cups, which you can efficiently use to adjust the amount of lift and cleavage you want.  A unique feature of the bras is that you can quickly re-adjust your lift and more significant during the day, without removing or changing the appearance of the bra.

UpBra itself is very sexy, comfortable, and innovative. It has no limitations on how you will wear it. You can wear it as an everyday bra because it will fit perfectly with your daily outfit or you can wear it in the evening when you want an extra bit of self-confidence.

The Convertible and T-Shirt bras retail for $74, the Strapless for $79 and the UpBra swim top for $84. Shop for it.

UpBra now also has a swimwear collection. Of course, I could not restrain myself and I bought a few of them, and now I cannot wait for the summer to wear.

Get the perfect fit with the UpBra app

What’s your size for a bra? If you, like me, have long been looking for your ideal size of a bra and you still cannot find it. Stop it! There is a mobile bra size calculator, which helps people to find the size of a bra that fits them perfectly.

And believe me, this is the most straightforward bra measurement that I ever used. It took me only one minute to find the size of a bra that perfectly suited me. I give this a big thumb up. The app is completely free: https://www.upbra.com/sec_app.htm

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