Unique Tips for Living Large in a Small Home

small home

Space costs money, and not everyone can afford somewhere that stretches into sprawling rooms and multiple floors. Sure, having a large home has its benefits, including the fact that you have more room to play with and more space to keep your belongings, but living in a smaller home has its advantages, too. They are often cheaper, warmer and more comforting compared to houses that are overly spacious. However, sometimes living in a small home can become difficult. Here are a few useful tips to help you live the best life in your small home.


One of the perks of a bigger home is the available storage space to keep all your possessions stashed away. This can sometimes be an issue in smaller homes, especially for people who enjoy collecting. One option is to transform yourself into a minimalist. However, this isn’t a desirable path for everyone in the world. If you want to keep your belongings while living in a small home, you’ll have to get creative with storage. Use all available space in three dimensions, meaning that you shouldn’t neglect to create storage up high, down low and in between.


Using a limited amount of space efficiently is crucial to enjoying your small home. Opt for layout and furniture solutions that don’t create too large of a footprint in your rooms. For example, murphy wall beds are excellent for providing both comfort and space by offering the versatility of being hidden away when not in use. Your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room can all be rethought to make better use of space. With research and imagination, you’ll be surprised how much room your small home truly has to offer.

Multipurpose Items

There are plenty of clever gadgets and tools that double as other items. Often, they can seem unnecessary or a bit of a gimmick, but every little helps when it comes to small homes. Finding objects that can be used in multiple ways, such as kitchen utensils, soft furnishings, and technology means that there will be fewer objects getting in the way around the house. For example, use a desk with stacked shelves for your books and documents instead of buying two separate pieces of furniture that will take up more precious space.

Clever Decorating

The illusion of space can be just as attractive as having space itself. Achieve these effects by choosing how to decorate your home carefully. Avoid using dark colors for the walls and floor, instead choosing lighter ones that reflect light and therefore make a room feel larger. Add mirrors to trick the eye into believing that there is more space. Large pieces of artwork or photography on the walls will give the impression that you have room to spare.


Tricking your mind into seeing your house as bigger might not necessarily be for you. Smaller homes are cozier and warmer, so lean into that aspect and enjoy the fact that your home is unique and perfectly formed, without having to be huge.

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