Unique Proposals for Quirky Couples


Finding a creative way to propose can be difficult. It seems as if every possible means of asking the one you love to marry you has been done – from enlisting a grumble of pugs to help you out, to creating a selection of photos of you secretly proposing behind their back throughout the course of a year. However, you can still pull off a unique proposal: all you have to do is plan, and include details that are personal to your future bride/groom.

Note Their Likes (and Dislikes)

You’re asking them to marry you, so at this point, you should know what your other half enjoys by now. However, it can’t hurt to make a list of all the things you already know, and continue adding to it as you near the date of your proposal. You may want to consider the type of ring they’d like; whether they’d appreciate an audience, or if they’d like you to ask their parents for permission. Once you’ve figured out the bones of your proposal, you can start fleshing out your ideas. Make it as personal as you can – for example, diamonds may seem a little used and abused, so if they’re obsessed with champagne diamonds or opals, make sure that’s what you propose to them with instead.

For the Adventurous: Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t enjoy hunting for clues; especially when there’s a massive prize waiting at the end of the trail? Plan your scavenger hunt in advance; making sure to include places which hold wonderful memories of your relationship. At each place, you can leave a little gift of significance. Once you reach the end, have them open a letter asking them to marry you; kneel and ask with the ring in hand.

Scavenger hunts may seem like a common proposal, however, it’s the details which count. Think long and hard about each stop on the map, and include gifts such as their favorite flower, food, or item of clothing.

For the Bookworm: Ask their Favorite Author for Help

If your partner loves nothing more than living within worlds found in their prized books, you could enlist the help of their favorite author. Depending on who they are, it may be difficult getting in touch with them; you may need to phone their agent multiple times or send an abundance of emails, however, they may just respond. Now, you could get the author to write a note, or you could have them sign a 1st edition (or any edition will do) saying “will you marry X“ on the inside cover. You could also have the ring attached to the front cover, too. The book and your proposal will be priceless and completely personal to you and your partner.

For the Sentimental: Movie Night

If your partner is sentimental, create a short movie filled with pictures and videos of your relationship. Interview both of your families, and have them explain why the other person should say yes. Once the movie is edited and completed, turn your living room (or garden) into a cinema – print off tickets, have freshly made popcorn, hot dogs, or anything you know that they’d love. Play the DVD and watch your other half react to what’s unravelling on the screen. At the end of the film, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you.

To be unique, you have to incorporate personal details about your relationship and your other half. Glitz and glamor is okay, but to make it truly romantic, make sure it’s 100% tailored to the both of you.

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