Unique Gift Ideas For A College Going Student

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When you are in college, you got to have lot of friends and acquaintances with whom you spend time. You get invited to various events like birthdays, family occasions and other events where you would require to gift something unique to them. Being a college going student you would need to gift them something special and useful which they would love to receive as a gift. This article will help you to get some ideas on unique gifts for college going students.

  1. Customized notebooks: being in college, students deal with various educational notes and information which they write down in their notebooks. Therefore you can create a designer notebook with designs and artworks which the individual have a liking for. For example, cartoon characters, tv stars, specific themes and artwork etc. There are various online sites who offer you the ability to choose how you want to customize the notebook and get it ready for you at affordable prices.
  2. Custom made tee-shirt: tee shirts are a perfect wearable garment throughout the year. They are comfortable and affordable as well. Just like you can customize notebooks, various online sites create custom tee shirts of different sizes, designs and colours. Therefore, select what your preferences are and order them. Since they are personalised, these are more unique and preferable.
  3. Handmade cards and flowers: if your friend likes flowers, you can easily order flowers from a reputed florist who have a wide collection of them. Along with them, you can also include handmade cards with a special note for the receiver. So you can easily send flowers with the handmade card to the receiver as a surprise as well.
  4. Coffee mug: coffee mugs have always been a trending gift for almost every occasion. You can buy a coffee mug which changes colour when hot coffee is poured into it. This will add an unique touch to the gift and make it memorable. Along with the coffee mugs you can also gift flowers and special chocolates to make the gift more attractive.
  5. Custom tote bags: tote bags have become a popular gifting material but wait! You can even customize them now. This will allow you to print some favourite picture, quote of a movie or a simple but aesthetic design which the receiver would like to carry around. They are very useful as they are very spacious and comfortable to carry.
  6. Personalizaed portable charger: we are living in an era of smartphones and electronic devices are very important. Therefore, keeping them charged throughout the day is very important. To help us with that, portable chargers are so popular. You can gift your friend a beautiful personalised portable charger. Select the case according to your preferred design, colour and shape. How unique that can be!
  7. Unique and designer mobile protective cases: with the sale of smartphones on the rise, it’s accessories are also getting very popular. One such important and popular accessory is the protective case. So you can gift a custom made and designed case according to your friend’s smartphone. Help him or her to protect tbeit phone and also make it look great with the designer case.

We hope that you liked the list of unique gifts for college going students. All the products that we have discussed are affordable and can be easily customised according to your preferences. All the products mentioned above are very useful for students who are college goers. They are the perfect choice for gifting someone an unique and useful gift which will remain as a memorable item with them.

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