Underwear for men how to pick the right brand

underwear for men

A lot of man buy the same underwear brand every single year. But sometimes it’s good to reassess what you are wearing. Underwear trends can change and quality and fit can get better depending on the brand. Here are a few tips how to select the best underwear for men.

Go for quality

In recent years, we see that men go for quality instead of a particular brand. This is reflected in a lot of underwear for men from big labels such as Bjorn Borg, Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein. For example the color of the logo can be the same tone as the boxer just to make sure it’s not to flashy.

Read reviews before buying 

Today, there is plenty of choice between several mens underwear online stores. Actually the amount of options and brands are huge. If you are looking for the best quality and want to compare reviews, pictures and prices online for mens underwear use MensUnderwearUSA.com before you make your choice. The “best of lists” are great for comparing the most stylish men’s underwear brands, and include men’s athletic underwear.

Choose the right fabric 
Underwear is now not only made more cotton. Of course a high percentage of cotton is still found in the underwear. However, there are several brands that are seeking in recent years to sustainable resources and innovative use of materials. There is underwear that is ideal for sports and there is a huge figure corrective men’s underwear market.

Classic underwear

Classic underwear for men never goes out of style. Colors like black, gray, white and marine blue. With checkered patterns or stripes. If you don’t like trendy underwear go for classic. Go for a brand like Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren.


If you don’t mind wearing colors and prints you will like mens underwear brands such as Bjorn Borg and Diesel. When it comes to graphic prints and bright colors these are the top brands to choose from.

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