Ultimate Smart TV Buying Guide

Truth be told: the smarter our TV’s get, the more clueless we become. How’s that you ask? Let’s revisit the evolution of the TV for a moment by testing your knowledge of its history. For instance, Are you aware that TV (formerly T.V.) is the short-form for “television set,” which became a household item in the United States and Britain during the 1950s and was only available in monochromatic form? That’s black and white for the layman. Later that decade, the television remote control was introduced by Eugene Polley forever evolving the TV watching experience. The colored television had not made it’s appearance until the following decade, and before long, screens grew larger, flatter with crispier, more colorful pictures. Now, not only can you use the remote to control every electronic device in your home, but it–along with the devices themselves, can recognize your voice commands and in most cases, respond in kind.

Don’t let the ghosts of TV’s past scare you away, that’s why we’re here: to educate you. In the golden years, there were only a handful of TV manufacturers with only a few models available. Nowadays, smart tv sales are booming as manufacturing industry is overflowing with suppliers and products, so much so that it’s hard to keep up with latest and greatest. Whereas a television used to be replaced every 10, sometimes 20 years, these days a smart TV can become outdated in a year’s time.

In order to be totally sure about the smart TV that’s best for you and your home, we’ll break down the most important aspects of what to look for when narrowing down your decision. Below are (5) five important factors to consider, when choosing the perfect smart TV:

Brand Name

As we’ve stated, the market for smart TVs is rich with suppliers. However, when selecting a new model, you have to consider the source. That’s to say, if you were going to put someone in charge of your money, you are likely to choose someone reliable, who has been charged with money management for as many years as possible. Same goes for television makers; you should definitely go with popular, well-established brand names. Just make sure they are known for making a great product.


A great way to begin figure out what size smart TV to buy, is to survey the space for your home. Will you mount it? If yes, is the wall load-bearing and can handle the weight? Or is it better suited for the corner sitting at an angle? Will it need an entertainment center, or will it sit on its own stand? Take time to write down measurements; including the spacing between the TV’s legs, trust me. That can turn out to be a disappointing surprise visit to the customer service department for returns, and who needs that, right?


If you’ve followed the advise of the first couple of deciding factors then you should be that much closer to your final choice of smart TV that’s best for you. Now, if money is no object, than good for you. Splurge. Get the best, you’ve earned it. If you’re like the average shopper, then you’re on a budget and have to sharpen your pencil. It would be wise to wait for the holidays to buy a smart TV, because they’re practically given away in preparation for the newer models. At very least, wait until your favorite department store is offering your top favorite choices on sale.

Picture Quality

During the turn of the millenium, TVs were offered in 480, 720, 1080 with or without the p (progressive-scan) or i (interlaced video); on a plasma or LCD screen–the options were out there for you. Back then, as a rule of thumb, the bigger the number, the better the picture quality. but that was before we were introduced to 4K which is the absolute Maybach of smart TVs apparently. If you are looking to impress family, friends as passer-bys peeping through your window, 4K all the way.


Nothing speaks louder about the quality product, than that of a manufacturer’s warranty. If a company is willing to back their product for 5, 10 or 20 years then you know that they’ve put their heart and soul into their product. If you’ve run into a supplier offering a lifetime warranty, you’ve got a winner and in most cases can buy with complete and utter confidence.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the TV is not done evolving by any means. Soon, there won’t be a screen at all, and will be diminished to projection on any and all surfaces. All in due time, I suppose. So, be sure to enjoy the fruits of labor while you can. Good luck with your purchase, come back and visit us again soon.


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