Ultimate List of Lifestyle and Aesthetic Tumblr Blogs

In the United States alone there are more than 23 million active Tumblr users.

With a total of 475 million blogs, this is the 7th largest social media website.

If you’re tired of scrolling through the same Facebook feeds, or scrolling past the same posts on Twitter, keep reading to take a look at our ultimate list of Tumblr blogs.

Linda Ching

Linda Ching in Vancouver has beautiful pieces to help with any stressful day. If you’re looking for thoughtful photos intermixed with cute animals, you need to check out her Tumblr blog.

Art & Life

Art & Life is for you if you’re looking for art of all types. They compile photos of art in their unique Tumblr blog. Their art ranges from funny to beautiful pieces, and they have quite the archive of content to enjoy.

Car blog 

Fair warning, this blog will make you a little jealous of how great these cars look. If you’re into cars and need help affording upgrades, research how to get a title loan with title not in my name.

Lifestyle. Bujo. School.

Fashion at its finest is shown in this Lifestyle blog. Enjoy their aesthetically pleasing photos intermixed with sensible fashion.

Welcome to the Wave

Welcome to the Wave is for you if you’re looking for colorful, expression art. Their pieces grab your attention with their bright colors and video posts.

Mr Fashionist

Mr Fashionist gives you a daily dose of inspiration. Their blog focuses on beautiful outdoor decor designs. Fantasize how you would like to decorate your space with this creative Tumblr blog.


Lofishing posts some of the prettiest posts on Tumblr. They compile a list of pleasing photos that always are pretty.

NNT Channel

NNT Channel posts retro and nostalgic posts to make you remember a simpler time. Their pleasing channel will bring you back in time.

Magic Spelldust

For beautiful outdoor nighttime scenery take a look at Magic Spelldust’s Tumblr blog. These outdoor masterpieces are calming to look at and make you want to travel.

Pale Grunge Dark

For a quirky blog that’s a little out there, check out the Pale Grunge Dark blog. Their posts are more on the interesting side, but entertaining none the less.

All Thingz Luxury

All Thingz Luxury is the go-to Tumblr blog for luxury cars. Fair warning, this blog will make you a little jealous of how great these cars look.


Let’s go back to the 90s with this 90s anime aesthetic Tumblr blog. Great for people who love anime and love the 90s!

My Aesthetic Vibes

For a more peaceful blog, check out My Aesthetic Vibes. Their posts are simple and show off cute farm animals that look like something out of a fairy tale.

Pink All-Around

For all those pink lovers out there, this blog is for you. Pink All Around shares random pictures in pink. 

AZN Audrey

Just smile with this simple Tumblr blog. Their posts are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Get on These Tumblr Blogs Today

If you don’t already have a Tumblr account be sure to get signed up today. You don’t need an account to browse the website, but you do if you want to interact with posts.

Go out there and enjoy Tumblr today! For more lifestyle content, make sure to check out the rest of our site.


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