Ukrainian Model makes Large Hadron Collider Hot!

Olga DRIGA, a fashion model who posed for covers of glossy magazines, is now working hard to make the breakthrough in modern physics! Employed by Princeton University, she’s working in the team of scientists at CERN on the well-known Large Hadron Collider. How is that possible?! We interviewed Olga to learn all the details.

Olga in CMS cavern at LHC - 150 meters underground!

Olga in CMS cavern at LHC – 150 meters underground!

Hey, Olga! Is this story made up?! How did you turn your model career into a scientific project?
Well, I was always keen on physics. Making covers and editorials was just pure luck. I was young and, frankly, I wanted to be financially independent from my parents. So I started working as a model. This work brought me lots of peasant moments! But I never quit my studies.

What do you do exactly at the LHC?
I am in charge of the luminosity studies and data acquisition for one of four main experiments called CMS. Luminosity is one of two main characteristics of the particle colliders (second one is collision energy). The more luminosity we accumulate, the better chances we have to see new physics!

Do you still work as a model?
Yes, I still pose for creative fashion projects. Last year our photo’s got into “Photo Suisse” magazine. This year we did “Southern Mention”, “Knowitall”, “Your story” (rus.). I am also fond of photography and design. My artworks are printed on silk scarves in Audrey Soie Company (

Do you have several lives or something? How do you manage to be involved in so many different projects?
Life is unique for everybody. And it is important to do everything you that you love. The more you do, the more you accomplish! Just believe – you can do it!

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Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to enter modeling business?
Just try this out! Despite common opinion, intellect counts in fashion! If you are smart, you will figure out how to present yourself in the best light. I advice girls to clearly understand their merits and figure out the advantageous angles for photos – it’s really a big deal! But what is most important – be creative! Present the world who you are, and you’ll be surprised by the response!


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