UK Singer Songwriter Archie XN Trick releases his Debut Single ‘My Darling’

Playing at the 02 Indigo infront of 4,000 people was pretty intense. As my name was Archie ‘ XN TricK’, I was last to perform which probably was a good thing.

After winning ‘Most Original Song’ at the UK Open Mic competition at the O2 Indigo London, competing against 9000 contestants and performing at Festivals like ‘secret garden party’ and ‘sunrise festival’ he is poised to make an impact with his first Single ‘My Darling’ co written with Christina John. It has had recent Pre-release exposure with FM radio airplay, including an interview and live performance on watford Radio Fm vibe 107.6

Archie XN Trick is influenced by rap, hip-hop and grime from the UK and America so his style reflects his passion for words and lyrical wordplay both of which are evident in this release. My Darling reflects his feelings after an intense break up. Recent work consolidates all his influences from previous efforts and he is looking to release an EP soon. Read the interview to find out more about Archie.

What made you move into music? 
Where do you get these questions, that’s a good one. I have been playing music since I was 7, and picking up the flute at 10 so music has always been apart of my life. I think what made me focus a bit more was a motivational speech by Les Brown, when he says we are all put here ‘to do something for a purpose’ and I honestly think it is music for me, and how it can be sought of be a therapy for those playing and listening. If I can express and make a few happy its win, win really. Also getting good feedback from industry folk has helped me focus and believe in myself.

What was it like to win the UK Open Mic competition in London?
It was amazing actually, getting through each round to the surprise of friends and family seeing the competition get better and better. Playing at the 02 Indigo infront of 4,000 people was pretty intense. As my name was Archie ‘ XN TricK’, I was last to perform which probably was a good thing. However after waiting 12 hours since I had sound checked in the morning I was pretty anxious after such a long time but I suppose the ‘ adrenaline dump’ got me through.

Are there any artists that inspires you? 
As JME says’ There are too many stars like space’. So I will mention a few. Lesser known artists such as Dizreali, is a bristolian rapper and a character up on the mic, and Dub Fx an australian busker and looper. I really like artists who are grinding away and then suddenly the world gets to hear about it them such as the likes or Rag ‘n’ Bone man, Jack Garrett and Newton Faulkner all who I take inspiration from. Growing up I loved Eminem and his comedy raps, but also Uk grime scene like mic righteous that evoke emotion.

Can you tell us about your single “My Darling”?
Yes, ‘My Darling’ is my first single that I put out. Its new ground, about an ex and all the feelings that came with it. Its a pretty happy song, although there is some pain it was an amazing experience which I hope comes across somehow. I had my friend produce it but it was too Rocky, so with the help of producer John Robinson we made it into the upbeat track it is that might even get you dancing or at least thinking perhaps with nostalgia

What advice would you give to someone that’s trying to break in the music industry?
I think the thing with creativity and creative people is its hard to have a business head on you at the same time. Different Artists have different game plans but are still doing well. Loads of people you don’t know about are making a living and more in the industry so don’t get disheartened when it takes time to get the ball rolling. If you can do it all great, if not stick to your strengths and get help with the rest.

Get industry advice and invest in yourself while doing what you need to stay afloat. I have always written my own lyrics but ‘My Darling’ was a co-write with Christina John a great songwriter, which really helped extract exactly what I wanted to say from my pages of lyrics. Go to seminars and networking nights, notting hill ‘Tileyard event’ is a great one.  Lastly try an enjoy the journey, you can celebrate the little wins but keep grinding.



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