Types of Women Coats in 2019


Coats are one mandatory piece that can take away all attention. It comes in many varieties in terms of fabric, colors, design, and silhouette. To match up with so many occasions and events, coats have gone through a big change in the past years. Sometimes, we all think that all coats are almost the same but, in reality, it is the length, cut, closures, and material that matters. These features of any coat can create a big difference in how it actually looks on your body.

If you are in need to include some trending coats in your closet, go through the major types of coat. Though coats come in so many variations that it has turned even more difficult to define it. They come in the form of cropped coats, long coat, knee-length size as well. Let see some must-have coat varieties

  1. Trench Coat

Always stays on top whenever we think of coats, yes we are talking about the timeless and classic piece of clothing every girl owns. Though it comes in varieties of color still women mostly go for neutral shades. camel colored trench currently taking away all the attention because of its well-polished appeal. Investing in a branded trench coat might cost you little more. Opt for neutral and pastel shades that can go with almost any outfit to play your fashion game safely.

Also, a trench is the best option to deal with fall evening and breezy winter morning. It gives you the exact amount of warmth and style. wearing trench as an overcoat can be your answer for almost every occasion.

  1. Evening/ Layering Coat

Evening coats come in so many varieties and forms. Its main purpose of layering. It is meant to uplift your styling sense by just adding a layer on your outfit. Evening coats are generally light in weight and give you a very little amount of warmth. Coats with sequin or embroidery work can be a good layering option. It will instantly charm up even your boring attire and let your entire outfit standing out.

  1. Fur Coat

As the name suggests, this coat is made up of fur to protect you from cold. Perfect picks for women who go out during winter and want to look stylish even during freezing weather. Solid poppy colors like orange, red, and yellow are some fascinating choices of fur coats. It will make you feel like you are in an amoving stylish blanket all the time. The softness of those furs will make you feel cozy and super soft. 

  1. Belted Coats

Belts are in vogue right now and so is the trend of belted coats. They are the ultimate transitional piece featuring a belted waist that you can adjust or tie. Some trending colors to compliment your attire will be in shades of tan or khaki. However, the choice of color depends on your choice and skin complexion too. You can find ’em in other shades too. 

  1. Peacoats

This kind of coats is usually accompanied by strong design details like the double-breasted front. Usually comes with other signature elements like a wide collar and front pockets. The design of peacoats is inspired by the wool overcoats worn by sailors. It is a stylish statement piece that has made its entrance in the women’s coat range. Try it with trousers and culottes to create a well polish smart look.

  1. Navy Coat

Just like the peacoats are inspired by sailor coats, Navy coat is inspired by the design of long overcoats worn by navy men. Such coats have a strong appearance with simple silhouettes. Women navy coat should pair it up with sleek and smart bottoms. It can be paired as a long overcoat over your dress to create a strong style statement. Sumissura coats have got a lot of options to create custom made coats. A little bit of texture on the sleeves and details on the back will give the navy coat a chic appeal. 

  1. Duster Coat

So far we have shared coat that has a strong silhouette. Suster coats are opposite to the above coats. It is usually very loose-fitting and breezy in nature. Duster coats have no buttons for tieing up. Both the ends keep hanging while walking to create a less defined silhouette. Women who are looking for oversize silhouettes should go for duster coats.

  1. Cocoon Coat

Another coat variation which is easy to carry with any attire due to its relaxed breezy nature. Cocoon coats have a relaxed silhouette which usually falls just around the knee.

Each variety has something new to give you. Each style has a unique personality that one can associate themselves. Pick up your favorite coat style and keep your style quotient always up.


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