Types of Massage oil and their Benefits

massage oil

Nothing can be more amazing than having a massage of your entire body after a tough day! There are surprising benefits of massage oil for your health that you must know.

Having a massage is one of the most relaxing feelings that you can have after your whole day of stress and anxiety. Massage therapy is widely practiced all over the world and of all age groups.

Surprising Benefits of Massage oil For Your Health: 

There are varieties of massage oils that are used by the therapist which is beneficial for your health. Below mentioned are the few oils with their benefits,

  1. Olive Oil:

If you want lighter massages then olive oil is in your preferred list. This oil gets absorbed slowly into the skin because of its heaviness.

Olive oil helps in reducing oxidative stress by repairing skin damaged through massage. It helps in improving blood circulation throughout the body by removing lactic acid.

  1. Sweet Almond Oil:

This massage oil is pale yellow in color and has a sweet fragrance. The main benefit of this oil is that it suits all skin types and is not harmful to the skin.

Almond oil is absorbed by your skin quickly yet it is not a heavy oil. This oil can be used for the baby’s skin because it is gentle and mild.

On the other hand, it alleviates rashes and itching especially in situations such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Sweet Almond oil also protects your skin from exposure to harmful Ultraviolet or UV rays. Therefore, it prevents sun damage and tanning.

  1. Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is a kind of wax that is derived from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It is referred to as oil but actually it is not. This oil is used for treating back massages as it works well for back acne.

Jojoba oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and wax ester properties that repair skin barriers that are affected due to seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, acute dermatitis, and acne.

You can also use this massage oil for aromatherapy massage because it does not irritate your skin and keeps it healthy.

  1. Sunflower Oil:

Sunflower oil is not only used for cooking but for massaging as well. But you need to make sure that you keep it in a cool and dry place as it turns rancid fast.

This oil improves the moisture level of the skin by enhancing its texture. Sunflower oil consists of fatty acids that regenerate your skin.

Massaging with this oil gives you clear and glowing skin. This oil promotes a healthy heart, improves digestion, enhances your immune system and also an energy booster.

  1. Peanut Oil:

Peanut oil is also known as groundnut oil, which is used in relieving muscle and tissue pain. It acts as a hydrating agent for your skin.

Peanut oil is used as a massage oil because it lowers your cholesterol and effectively treats your dry skin and other problems related to skin. It nourishes your skin and boosts your energy. On the other hand, this oil prevents cancer and heart disease.

  1. Argan Oil

Argan oil massage is done right after taking a warm bath. This oil is non-greasy and light that softens your skin quickly.

When you massage with this oil, it will improve your flexibility. It also helps in eliminating your sagging and loose skin. In addition, it relaxes your nerves and muscles and makes your joint pain free. Argan oil enhances the water holding capacity of the skin.

  1. Shea Butter:

Shea butter is obtained from the seeds of the shea tree. It supports skin suppleness and elasticity and also aids in the circulation of the skin by regenerating the cells.

Shea butter is solid at room temperature and looks like butter yet heavy and greasy on the skin. While massaging with shea butter your joints will be pain-free and will reduce stretch marks.


Congrats! Now you know all different types of massage oil that are used for a variety of purposes.

Above mentioned are the best massage oils in 2020 which you should know. Massage is really beneficial for your health after a long stressful day. It will help you to overcome your depression and anxiety.

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