Two new exciting and unique wall decorations

This post is about two new products for decorating your walls in your home spaces by using your own pictures. These are both novel and both are products that allow you to display your pictures but one of them is digital (although mimicking a traditional display frame) and the other one is analog (you place your printed images) but has a modern look unlike traditional frames.

Lenovo Smart Frame: Cloud – connected frame

As you might imagine, this is the digital display, from Lenovo. It is a canvas-like cloud-connected smart frame to share your favorite photos and art with ease.

The display comes with a traditional frame, but it can be replaced with another one or totally removed by allowing a nice fit with different kind of décor styles. Once mounted, it can also easily be rotated into landscape or portrait mode. It features a nice matte display and different levels of lighting to suit the surrounding (it has a tone sensor for the surrounding environment) or to make it stand out more. The display looks good in different angles.

It is compatible with Google Photos and it comes with an android and iOS app for you to control what is being displayed without touching the display itself. But the coolest part is a motion gesture sensor which allows you to get close to the display and wave your hand to switch to the next photo. All these interactions with no need to touch the display. There will be certainly updates of the software in the future.

The display needs to be mounted close to an outlet. It comes with an adapter a mounting kit and a metallic grey finish frame.

As per the time of writing this article, the product is still in ongoing crowdfunding campaign. It is already sold out in the crowdfunding campaign, but you can still get listed in their email newsletter for the product to be notified when it is in stock; probably soon.

Check it out for yourself here (

Turn your photo into an art piece – Magnetific

This is the analog display: Magnetific Display (designed by Jorik Haska). It seems like the wall display is an inspiration from the ancient mosaics and the modern dotted art of the 50s and 60s, Pop Art. Yet it looks like an enlarged low-res screen.

In this product you can place your photos, prints or whatever art you want and that can be printed on cheap standard paper. Yet the product looks refined enough to be used as a focus piece while decorating a wall or space. This is achieved thanks to the choice of materials used in the product.

The product seems be easy to use, be of good quality materials and finishes. The design aims to be timeless. It is modern with very simple forms but still with refined elements (notice the rings and chains) that would make the product fit in the décor of a traditional architecture space. The design also has a light industrial feel to it (besides the metal parts and finishes notice the bolts and nuts).

The display can be hung in a wall or from the ceiling (and floor also) in which case it can be used as a two-sided display which is a pretty cool feature.

This new and original piece of art can spice up the walls of the most boring spaces you can imagine. It can transform them and give them new meaning.

The product is not entirely “analog”: there is a web app to create some content from your photos and to download a printable PDF. Or just browse through 200 creations in the website from other users. As per the time of writing this article, the product is in a crowdfunding pre-launch phase.

Check it out for yourself here (

In summary while a digital display allows you to switch between photos so easily an analog display is useful exactly for the opposite, it gives your art a certain weight and lifespan, you cannot just swap it without a little effort. Imagine displaying a calendar where you are tracing your goal, you cannot just swipe and forget about it. Hope you found these fresh new products inspiring for a decoration project.

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