Two Items From Your Childhood that Could Now Be Worth Serious Money

Unfortunately for most of us, once we get to a certain age, perhaps 13 or 14 years old, our parents call a free for all on every item we loved from our childhood. For some reason, parents automatically think that once we become teenagers, we no longer have a love for these things anymore. At the time, it never seemed fair as we watched our mom and dad toss out our old toys into the garbage. Now that these items are classified as collectibles, it seems even less fair and almost criminal. Below are two items from our childhood that most of us had that could now be worth quite a bit of moola!

First Generation Transformers

Before Michael Bay tried to ruin the Transformers with his live-action films, there were many young boys that could not get enough of the cartoon, comic books, and the toys. We would wake up to the Transformers and it would be the last thing on our minds when we went to bed as well.

If you ever had a first-generation Optimus Prime Transformer toy that ended up in the garbage truck, you are probably going to be mad in a second. For one, he was the leader of the Autobots and deserved more respect. Second, a mint Optimus Prime can net you about $4,000 if you also have the box it came in. Suddenly, your parents seem more like Megatron rather than loved ones.

Diecast Cars

Was there anything better than racing your diecast cars around on your kitchen floor? It was the perfect place to make them go as fast as they could even though we probably annoyed our moms in the process. Still, they definitely got their revenge when they either threw out our cars or sold them at a garage sale for ten cents.

It may surprise you to know, but some of those diecast cars are now worth thousands of dollars. In fact, as just one example, a pink Hot Wheels Beatnik Bandit (made pink to attract more little girls in an effort to make them want to play with cars) is worth right around $15,000. If you are now pounding your head up against the wall, you can always search diecast models in Canada and start up a new collection that your parents can’t touch.

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