Turning Your Spare Room Into Something More Functional

spare room

If you’ve got a spare room in your home that you’re not really using right now, the summer period could be a great time to make use of that wasted space. Namely, you could convert all that space into something a lot more functional! Maybe you’d like a home office, maybe an artist’s studio would be cool, or maybe you’d just like a guest bedroom for your parents – you can make it happen right now! Here are our tips for completing such a project in very good time.

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What Does Your Family Need Most?

If you want to convert for functionality, it’s not just value you need to keep in mind here. You’re going to want to think about what your family needs most from a new space. Sure, you’d like an office of your own to work out of, but right now you’re working fine in the back of the living room.

However, there’s an overflow of kids toys in your house, and the mess piles up easily – that means you need a playroom more than an office! Sit down with your family and talk about the potential renovation project. What do you all think needs to happen here? Make a plan, discuss the costs, and think about the end result.

Think About Insulation ASAP

The amount of insulation in a room very much determines what you can use it for, and how much your total renovation is going to cost to convert for purpose. If a room is well insulated, you can convert it to be anything you want. But if the wall cavities are empty, you’ve got a lot more work to do!

And not all areas of your home are insulated equally. If you’re converting a garage, for example, the first thing to do is contact some Garage door repair services to ensure the door itself is fit for purpose. Then you can think about adding extra insulation layers on top, such as an extra wall for more insulating space. This could add an extra week onto the project, as well as $1000+ more to the budget.

Don’t Forget Beneficial Amenities

No matter what room you decide to turn your spare space into, you’re going to need to keep some beneficial features in mind. Now these features aren’t necessarily going to be a natural part of your renovation plan, but they’ll definitely be useful and are worth considering!

For example, if you want to run your spare room into a music room, a bit of soundproofing wouldn’t go amiss. Not only will this help you to create a more balanced melody whenever you’re creating, but it will ensure you don’t disturb your neighbors either! Similarly, if you’re converting for a home office, adding items like a mini fridge for quick snacks and drinks at your desk will go a long way.

A spare room is a space of endless potential. Convert it now for a more functional home you’ll love living in.

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