Turning Your Home Into Hotel Luxury


There’s something about hotels that everybody gets a bit flustered about. Whether it’s the way that their sheets are presented, the convenience of everything being near or just a night away from the norm of home, there’s always an element that we’d secretly love to bring back with us. A lot of people are turning to Air B&B to rent out a room in their house for some extra spending money, but what else can we do to bring the luxury of a hotel stay into our homes?


This can be quite costly – the top hotels put a lot of money into the comfort of their beds. After all, if you can’t get a good night’s sleep after paying out a lot of money, when can you? In fact, most hotel chains have had mattresses designed specifically for them; the Hilton had the Serenity Bed and Westin Hotels the Heavenly Bed. It’s no secret that such hotels have made their millions off of the serene sleep that is achieved by their customers, who return time after time. That doesn’t mean that you have to pay every time you want to get a great kip. It just means that you need to know where to look to get the best that you can afford. Searching around online for recommendations is definitely the way to go with this – people spend a lot of time investing in their sleep!


There’s one simple trick to this – keep it all white. People report that they feel it’s a heavenly effect  type of phenomenon when they see a white bed; they associate it with being pure, relaxed and comforted. So in terms of colour schemes, scrap any that you may have had in mind. You need to go as white as you can get, and this means for everything: pillows, duvet cover, mattress cover, even the decorations that you have got on your bed such as cushions. In terms of the quality of the bedding, it is in this that you need to really invest; go for the highest thread count that you can find for ultimate comfort and luxury. You won’t be sorry.


Especially in the bedrooms of hotels, there are main lights which are bright (to help you find things in the morning/help you get ready for a night out), but you will find that there is only one switch for these in the majority of places that you go. Everything else is dim lighting. This can be achieved by placing a few lamps around the bedroom, but make sure that the wattage in the bulbs is low to keep a really ambient level of lighting. In terms of the lighting around the rest of hotels that you can transfer to your home, the grand ones always have a crystal chandelier upon entry … but don’t worry – you can get one for a fraction of the price online, and it’ll be delivered straight to your home. There’s no outsourcing when the internet is on hand to help!


Neutral colours are the in thing with hotel rooms, and they have been for a while. If you have a bright or patterned scheme going on in your room, consider that the tycoons behind all of the big hospitality businesses in the world have put a lot of money into research and marketing to find out that people prefer to sleep in a room that hasn’t got a lot going on in it. It can be quite boring to stick to, and everybody’s different – you don’t really want the same clinicalness that a hotel room offers, and it’s vital that you put your personal touch on your own space. Else what’s the point – you may as well be spending your money on actually staying in a hotel!


Unless you’re paying out for a cleaner, maid and/or turndown service, it’s unlikely that your space will be cleaned, towels and cups replaced and pillows plumped up for your pleasure. Keeping furniture to a minimum and clutter away from your bedroom is a good idea, as you won’t have to clean as much when it eventually comes round to ridding the dirt. Remember that in hotels, all of the rooms that you are in are connected; there is usually an ensuite to go with the bedroom, and a mini kitchen in the bedroom where you can make yourself drinks. Unless you’re lucky enough to have an attached bathroom, there is little chance that you could actually make as much mess as those cleaning hotel rooms have to endure after a person’s stay. That room gets cleaned on a daily basis (or should be!), and unless you’re doing the same, don’t expect to live the hotel-inspired life of luxury. It’s just not possible.


Nobody is going to start moving kettles and sweet treats in their room to help them wake up in the morning – mostly we don’t actually have the room in our own homes, and it’s a bit of a silly thought. However, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed any treats at all. Taking upstairs a box of chocolates every once in awhile, or getting your loved one to bring you up a breakfast in bed, is all that you need to bring the hotel experience to your home. Just don’t set up a little telephone service demanding room service all the time, as it’s be doubtful that you’ll remain popular for very long.


All of the best hotel rooms have entertainment in them in the form of a television. Nowadays, most people are choosing to remove gadgets and technology from their bedroom to use it as a space to relax more. It’s not an instruction to move a 50-inch screen in and a games console for use when you’re bored, but having a small screen with Netflix available could be the ideal thing to have when trying to chill out. Make sure you set the timer for when you fall asleep!

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