Tummy Tucks – What’s Really Possible?

tummy tuck

It’s not uncommon to carry a little extra fat around your middle and usually, diet and exercise are enough to get your old shape back, but this isn’t always the case. Weight loss and pregnancy are two of the most common reasons why people undergo a tummy tuck, mainly because it weakens the abdominal muscles and creates excess skin.

While this is still one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around today, there are a number of common misconceptions about the procedure.

Below we outline what tummy tucks can and can’t achieve.

What’s Really Possible with a Tummy Tuck?

  • Can flatten the abdomen by removing excess fat

A tummy tuck can be a life-changing procedure if you’re carrying unwanted pockets of fat around your abdominal area. However, if you’re looking to achieve more muscle tone, a tummy tuck isn’t the right procedure for you. Yes, the procedure can repair separated abdominal muscles but this won’t give you a new set of abs. What you will be left with is a slimmer, flatter stomach that will enhance your profile and boost your confidence.

  • Can’t prevent future weight gain

According to Dr Anh, in order to be deemed an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck, you need to be at a stable weight – a tummy tuck is not weight-loss surgery. While the procedure is a great way to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat, this doesn’t mean you can’t regain the weight in that area. Following your procedure, you will need to stick to a healthy lifestyle if you want to maintain your results. It’s also important to remember that any future pregnancies will affect the results of your surgery.

  • Excess skin can be removed

Pregnancy and excessive weight loss can leave a significant amount of skin behind, which is next to impossible to get rid of without surgery. Exercise and other non-surgical skin tightening procedures can help to some extent but it will only get you so far, which is when a tummy tuck becomes the ideal option. With this being said, your surgeon will only be able to safely remove a certain amount of skin. These details will be covered during your consultation and your surgeon will ensure that you have realistic expectations about your results before scheduling your procedure.

  • Stretch marks can’t be removed

Body changes such as weight gain and pregnancy can also lead to stretch marks on areas such as the hips, thighs and stomach. Stretch marks form when the skin is unable to accommodate the growth that’s occurring, so the skin ends up tearing at a deep level. Stretch marks can be difficult to remove and a tummy tuck is unable to help with this. Only a small amount of skin can be safely removed during a tummy tuck, which means only the stretch marks that are present on the excised skin will be removed, any remaining skin will also leave stretch marks in place. If stretch marks are one of your main concerns, speak to your surgeon about any additional non-surgical options that can be used to reduce their appearance.

Overall, there is a lot that can be achieved with a tummy tuck and any reputable surgeon will always give you all the information you need before you make a final decision about the procedure. If a surgeon doesn’t make sure that you have realistic expectations about your results, you might want to look into other options. You should never be forced to schedule surgery either. A reputable surgeon will always give you time to consider your options before setting a date for your tummy tuck.

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